A lot to see and experience at Schwan Cosmetics

With MakeUp In NewYork just around the corner, Schwan Cosmetics (a division of the German Schwan STABILO group), world market leader of cosmetic pencils and liquid liners, is gearing up for some exciting new product launches as well as significant investments for the upcoming year.

New trends, latest innovations and a lot more will be shown and discussed at the booth. Overview with Barbara Bauer-Kropf, Sales Executive Vice President.

MakeUp in…™: Let’s talk about some exciting new products. Schwan Cosmetics is the company behind “CURVE”, the new eyeliner with its ergonomic packaging, which was launched a few months ago and received quite some press already.

Barbara Bauer-Kropf: Absolutely, this is a very innovative pen that allows for an ultra-easy application and high precision, mistake-proof line drawing. To top it off, it features a 24h long-lasting formula that is intensely black and guarantees drawing a highly pigmented line with a silky finish. The packaging’s ergonomic design facilitates the handling and allows for an effortless and flawless one-stroke application.

MakeUp in…™: There are a number of other new products being presented to your customers in the upcoming year. Could you give us a sneak peek?

Barbara Bauer-Kropf: Yes, of course! Let’s start with “VISIBLE”. For the very first time we were able to develop a liquid liner formula that does not separate, so we are excited to present this in a transparent bottle. It is a liquid liner that feels like a gel liner. The formula is super-easy to apply, creamy and very gliding and it is also extremely smudge- and waterproof. It dries very fast with absolutely no transfer and then lasts for 24h with an airy-light feel and no stickiness. “VISIBLE’s” extensive colour range is an additional great feature.

And then there is our new Silky Matte Lipstick “PASSION”, a pencil with a silky matte finish and excellent colour pay-off that is super long-lasting (6h) and doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry.

Another new product is “VINYL”, a liquid liner formula with the highest possible shine throughout the entire wear time and darkest black shade. The formula spreads beautifully and even and is extremely smudge-proof and doesn’t transfer at all.

MakeUp in…™: This year you are also focusing on metal components, specifically for your new product EyeMatic

Barbara Bauer-Kropf: We are looking at something luxurious and sophisticated with a very clean chic. We are seeing shiny metal elements as a key element in future trends that add a touch of elegance to accessories and beauty products. Shiny and bright, metallic caps give our EyeMatic a sophisticated new look. And the integrated sharpener keeps the tip as pointy as desired and can make this retractable pencil useable as both, eyeshadow and eyeliner. This is not only pencil application at its most chic but also at its most convenient and versatile.

MakeUp in…™: A major focus of your strategy is the in-depth knowledge of wood pencil production. You call yourself “the wood expert”.

Barbara Bauer-Kropf: Yes, that’s true. We produce almost 200 million wooden pencils each year with the majority of their manufacturing taking place in our state-of-the-art production plant in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. It is run by a top-qualified and specialised staff and we are concentrating more of our long-standing wood expertise and know-how in this leading-edge manufacturing facility while keeping wooden pencils from Germany as part of our portfolio.

The trend is going toward wood again. Untouched and untainted, wood is the most important material of choice as designers revive its simple origins and refined elegance for wooden furniture, accessories and packaging. Our wooden pencils are paired with high-tech formulations to give a well-known classic an innovative touch, seamlessly balancing nature and technology. We are currently working on a great novelty involving powder formula in a wood pencil and are excited to share this soon. But with a selection of more than 40 versions of wood pencils in combination with 70+ different formulas and 15 varying applicators, we already have the entire gamut covered.

MakeUp in…™: More than ever, you are prioritizing social and environmental responsibility in your company.

Barbara Bauer-Kropf: That is correct. We are fully involved with the International Alliance of construction and wood workers (IBBH) and the IG Metall for a worldwide observance of the general principles and fundamental labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (IAO). Their work includes amongst others, voluntary employment, no discrimination and no child labour, freedom of association, payment of sufficient wages and no excessive working hours as well as observing occupational safety and working conditions.