Ancorotti Cosmetics launches Ancorotti Skincare!

The Italian firm which has performed particularly well during its first five years of existence in the production of mascaras, has opened a new entity, Ancorotti SkinCare.

MakeUp in …™: The progression of Ancorotti Cosmetics is showing no signs of slowing down, quite the contrary. Could you please recall the evolution of the turnover and of the production output between 2012 and 2013?

Renato Ancorotti: Indeed our growth is strong. In 2012, we achieved a turnover of 15.5 million euros, by the end of 2013 it will exceed 20 million.

MakeUp in …™: What were the major industrial investments during this period? Could you please give us details on the increase in the production area, the number of machines in addition to the increase in production this has generated (in volume).

Renato Ancorotti: To sustain our growth, we must invest. Currently our factory covers 8,000 sqm. We bought new machines to step up our capacity, which is of 4,500 kg/day. We have 10 automatic filling machines and a number of smaller machines that allow us to also satisfy the needs – with lower minimum quantities – of smaller customers, whom we also wish to keep in our portfolio. In addition, Ancorotti’s product line is broadening more and more to now also include lipsticks and creams that we develop as part of our new project “Ancorotti Skincare.”

MakeUp in …™: What is the weight of exports in your turnover and which countries are concerned? What are the countries in which you want to increase your presence in the future?

Renato Ancorotti: Our turnover is up 70% on exports, particularly in France, Germany and Russia. Now and in the future, the country where we would like to establish ourselves is the United States.

MakeUp in …™: You’re not just involved in mascaras today, but also lip gloss and lipstick. What are the proportions?

Renato Ancorotti: Mascara represents 80% of our turnover. It is one of the most complex products in make-up. A mascara worthy of the name needs to achieve the perfect match between the different elements that make it up, including packaging, in order to provide an optimal performance.

MakeUp in …™: A further step has been taken in the growth of your business with the creation of Ancorotti skincare. What does this new step represent for you and what means have you implemented?

Renato Ancorotti: Ancorotti Skincare is a new project. We have with us valuable people with whom we will achieve our objectives and progress in the future.

MakeUp in …™: What main novelties to you intend showcasing at the forthcoming events of MakeUp in Paris and Cosmoprof Bologna.

Renato Ancorotti: For the Cosmoprof 2013 show in Bologna we have developed make-up lines to suit the needs of each woman type, including a highly technical and innovative make-up. As regards MakeUp in Paris 2013 we can’t say too much right now and want to save the surprise, but we have already started working on it.