BASF, increasingly pro-active in the make-up segment

As part of BASF’s Care Chemicals division, BASF’s Personal Care business is the world’s leading supplier of high performance ingredients for the personal care industry. From classic to cutting-edge, BASF offers a broad spectrum of spectacular effect pigments for colour cosmetic formulations. The Group, that is increasingly pro-active in this make-up segment, will be attending MakeUp in Paris. Explanations by Valérie Pian-Parison (Senior Marketing Manager Europe for colour care)…

MakeUp in…™: Your presence for the second consecutive year at MakeUp in Paris is a proof of the commitment of your group to be more present in the make-up segment.

Valérie Pian-Parison: Driving forward the development of the brand Care CreationsTM, the company is taking a more and more science based approach to explore consumer needs: The focus is on a validated typology system with which users can define different consumer personalities.

Today’s consumers expect very skin-friendly cosmetics along with unique colour effects. Increasingly, all–in–one products offering moisturization, UV protection and colour complexion are in demand. In addition to convenience and skin brightness, textures and sensory profiles –like powdery after feel– are also key for customer loyalty. In general, performance must be long lasting but especially in eye make-up applications, a very dynamic segment these days. Solutions that answer these wishes using special effect pigments, fillers and setting polymers open a huge potential. Based on this, we can assist our customers even better in developing brand and product experiences that fulfil consumer needs. This is why the company also conducted studies in cooperation with TNS Infratest, an institute known for market and opinion research. They use six consumer archetypes (Energetic, Perfect, Professional, Protected, Authentic, Creative) as a basis for providing insight into the emotional and functional needs of these consumer groups. The concept was introduced for the first time at In Cosmetics Hamburg.

MakeUp in…™: What will be the highlights of your presence at MakeUp in Paris?

Valérie Pian-Parison: At MakeUp Paris 2014, BASF will correlate these archetypes with colour trends 2016. In line with the trend toward multifunctional convenience, we will show a new twist-pen applicator, WAKEUP EYES&LIPS, which features eye contour refresh on one side and a lip brush that applies a glamorous lip lacquer on the other. The eye contour is a light gel cream, while the lip lacquer is an O/W emulsion with a fresh sensory profile. The easy-to-use, distinctive solution is ideal for dynamic people on the go – like the Energetic type. The second concept is about vibrant green and violet mascaras for simultaneous use MULTIDIMENSION LOOK, they are ideal for experimenting and creating new looks without a fuss. The concept is predestined to appeal to the Creative type and drives the consumer in a wonderful colour travel.