CHROMAVIS: one baked powder sold each 1.5 seconds!

120 million Euros in sales in 2012, more than 136 million expected this year, 800 people, ten plants worldwide, the Chromavis Group has become in five years one of the major players in the beauty industry in Europe and the world. Romualdo Priore, Executive Marketing Director, gives us an update on his Group.

MakeUp in…™: When was Chromavis created?

Romualdo Priore: The Group Chromavis was created in 2008. It is the result of the merger of two companies, Gamma Croma and Clavis, each of them established leaders in the B2B make-up sector.

Since then, we have never stopped developing ourselves. This success is due in part to the total traceability of our production cycle and also to our investments in research and innovation, combined with a wealth of experience and creativity.

Nowadays, it is seen as a company which can offer its clients a complete range of solutions, from make-up to skin-care products.

The basis of our philosophy is a total dedication to the needs of the client. An ongoing dialogue with our customers has allowed our company to develop and implement its expertise over time. We are focus on reliability over time, trust and investment in research, innovation and new technology.

MakeUp in…™: Can you give is an idea of your potential with a few figures?

Romualdo Priore: As you emphasised in your title… Chromavis represents, among other products, “one baked powder sold each 1.5 seconds!” In this segment of make-up powders, we produce more than 24 million pieces a year. But of course, we are also present in all the other segments of colour cosmetics not forgetting skin-care and nail polish, often in a leading position.

MakeUp in…™: The Group is divided into how many distinct divisions?

Romualdo Priore: There are chiefly four divisions with Chromavis Make-Up, Chromapencil Chromacare and finally Chromadurlin. The first is specialized in the niche of colour cosmetics.

It brings together technological expertise and three decades of experience and creativity, demonstrated by the many patents obtained over the years. The quality of the operations is ensured by certificates ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 22716/2008, the standard of GMP.

This division is focus on:

– Development of the product step by step, working alongside the client and responding to their needs.

– Providing a tasteful, well-crafted product while also benefiting from a large-scale production.

– Constantly integrating new, more environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques.

– Developing new formulas and raw materials.

– Creating new packaging solutions.

The second division is Chromapencil. With significant investments in research and in close collaboration with experts in the sector, we have developed a totally recyclable PVC free and customizable automatic pencil. It is a technological advance designed to respond to the new demands of the market. Research, creativity and the development of cutting-edge products are the goals of this division. Chromapencil is one of the first companies to create a pencil which is unique in terms of design, effectiveness of its formula and highly technical packaging.

Third division, Chromacare. It is the result of a joint-venture agreement between Chromavis and ISMEG, combining creativity and specialization in the make-up sector with innovation and long experience in the field of skin-care. The manufacturing unit and research laboratories are based in the Neto Valley, in Calabria. Chromacare has chosen this uncontaminated land for its core production, carefully balancing natural ingredients and advanced technology.

The presence of an ancient sulphur thermal spring, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, has enabled the company to use this precious resource as an active ingredient in its products. Chromacare is focus on:

– A global approach to skin-care.

– An emphasis on unique and highly effective active ingredients

– Research and development of personalized solutions designed specifically for the client’s needs.

– A combination of natural elements and advanced technology.

Finally, the fourth division, ChromaDurlin. Chromavis acquired the French company Durlin in 2010 which is a global leader in the development and manufacture of nail polishes and nail care products for over thirty years. Chromadurlin is focus on:

– Constant improvements to the quality of its products and services.

– Research and creativity in developing and updating its colour charts.

– An innovative approach towards designing new, high-performance products.

– Experience and ingenuity in special, personalized packaging.

MakeUp in…™: Marketing and trends are two pillars of your offer!

Romualdo Priore: Absolutely! Marketing activity at Chromavis focuses on three fundamental aspects: trends, the product and strategy. Coherence and concrete objectives are at the forefront of the marketing strategy, with a consistent focus on the client and the market.

Technological innovation and the emphasis on personalized, multi-functional products enable us to satisfy the increasing demands of the customers.

Chromavis ensures it is constantly updated on the latest trends: ranging from make-up to art, and including both fashion and design. The company has a lateral ability to integrate creativity and style. This asset, combined with the unique nature of its formulations, has allowed us to maintain its original approach over time and its capacity to create different and innovative products.

MakeUp in…™: April last, you unveiled in Bologna several innovations during your traditional presentation of Chromaville. Could you detail a few?

Romualdo Priore: Yes, indeed. There were a lot of novelties showcased both in the make-up and in skin care segment. Starting with make-up, three new lines around CC, DD and EE concepts, all of them composed by a special functional serum, foundation and powder focused on specific skin problems.

On the side of powders we presented “new touches” and formulas both in classical powders and in particular novelties like the “M-use” a real unique texture that can combine different finishes (matt, satin, pearly), very high reliefs and eye-catching designs in the same godet.

To note in the “lip segment” a new technology that permits to decorate the surface of the lipstick bullet with customized designs, together with long lasting products based on special formulations that guarantee a non-stop make-up during all the day.

Also lashes have been protagonist with new mascaras and special brushes able to guarantee incredible results in just a few strokes.

Nail polishes were inspired by the colours of next season but also by “Amber” and its special effects (“The Amber Route” collection) recreated with the combination of two unusual bases.

Finally skin care with three new “hi-tech lines” inspired by aesthetic medicine and surgery: Real strong treatments that act on volumes, light and longevity of the skin.