Gi Picco’s Cosmetics srl: “Small is beautiful!”

“Small is beautiful!” This word association is easy but it is probably what best sums up the philosophy but also the industrial reality of this family business established since 1967 in the suburbs of Milan, in Paderno Dugnano, and which, year after year, does not slow down but quite the contrary continues to grow in terms of reputation and quality in the closed world of make-up products formulation. A 2013 year during which Gi Picco’s will have won some fifteen new customers! “Not that many some would say” “But ‘huge’ in proportion”, others would say, when we know that the portfolio did not exceed a total of about ninety clients so far! No secret at the headquarters of the company in Paderno Dugnano but a motto, “patience and length of time.” And it works, as Enrico Colombo, Commercial Director tells us.

80 employees or a little less, one production unit but over than 95% of your activity oriented overseas. Quite a tour de force, don’t you agree?

Enrico Colombo: Not a tour de force… a strategic commitment! And in these days of economic turmoil, we can only be happy to have chosen this option. We take full advantage of the justified image Italian companies have in cosmetic formulation and which is based on innovation and a certain “Italian touch”, which obviously cannot be found anywhere in the world except here in northern Italy.

The policy of GI Picco’s is constant. The managing team has been the same for years. Our customers are reassured and won’t experiment any bad surprises with us. What makes our company so appealing is our flexibility, responsiveness and the fact that we can deliver small quantities. When we start working on new developments, our responsibility and our expertise are at stake. Our production capacity is of one tonne per day of lipstick and lipgloss, and also one tonne of emulsions and 12 to 15 tonnes per month of powders.

Innovation is a key parameter? The image of your company is still very marked by its history in the production of make-up powders. What are your latest developments?

Enrico Colombo: Absolutely! It is an essential and indispensable key. On powders, we of course pride ourselves on this speciality and this know-how where we also never stop making progress. But generally speaking, we are specialized in the production of decorative cosmetics such as micronized powders, bronzing powders, eyeshadow, blusher, powder with relief designs, baked terracotta, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, camouflage products, concealer, mineral lines, sensitive lines, eco-certified organic and natural lines. Our products are clinically and dermatologically tested, with product safety tests and skin tolerance tests being carried out according to the criteria of the most recent standards. Poolproof, waterproof and sensitive mascara are ophthalmologically tested. This year we are expanding our emulsion workshop and we have just bought a new machine for the production of lipsticks.

People are not always aware of that but you have also specialized in recent months in CC Creams?

Enrico Colombo: That’s right! The CC cream that we have developed is completely made from completely Eco-cert natural raw materials. In particular the actives that characterize this formulation are clays, babassu butter and emulsifier resulting olive oil.

The actives, having the highest skin affinities performance, can improve emollience, skin protection and conditioning. In particular Babassu Butter improves the product’s skin feel. Olive Oil derivates in addition to being natural emulsifiers act as hydrating actives while enhancing the SPF. Last but not least, this is the very first formula which employs organic clays as colorants having a conditioning activity. Finally the skin protection is completed by a 15 SPF mineral active.