Gi Picco’s: the make-up artisan

It is clear that we have always proudly claimed this positioning,” insists Enrico Colombo, Commercial Director of this Italian family led company located in the suburbs of Milan and who specializes in the design and manufacture of make-up products and who will have with 48 people, produced no less than around 60 tonnes of powders during this exercise. “Our capacity enables us to produce twice as much!” insist the management.But that is not all, by no means. Gi Picco’s, it is also foundation, mascara, lipgloss, lipstick… The company is present in all segments of make-up and this since 1967. “We are probably one of the only Italian companies specialized in this field who does not necessarily believe that growth is the ultimate goal!” emphasises Enrico Colombo. The equipment population, installed in the 3,500 sqm plant of Paderno Dugnano is consistent: No less than forty-eight presses, eleven powder turbo mixers, seven pine mills, four super jet micronizer equipments, five vibrating sieves and three planetary mixers in the powder production department. The baked powder department hosts 5 multiple baked presses, 3 automatic ovens, automatic units for base edge cleaning and surface smoothing.

Not to mention the in emulsion dept with ten hot melters, the seven vacuum turbo emulsifiers, the seven heated and melting dispensing vessels, the three dosing machines and the tube filling machine. “The success of the company is due to its continuous creation of new formulations and innovative production technologies” explains its leaders. “The main characteristics that make our company stand out as one of the major Italian companies specialized in this field are efficiency, creativity and technology. All our products are clinically and dermatologically tested under strict university rules for cosmetics in cooperation with RTC/Unipro Servizi. Our production is in full conformity with EU, FDA and Japanese Standards following the GMP. The raw materials are not animal tested”. Gi Picco’s is UNI EN ISO 9001 :2008 Certified. Furthermore Gi Picco’s produces Certified Organic and Natural lines.

98% exportations!

Latest novelties to date, the development and marketing of a “CC Cream”. « It is an innovative and intelligent multifunctional product, explains Colombo, which combines an anti-aging and soothing cream with the uniform coverage and brightness of a foundation ».

To note also a “BB Powder”. It melts into the skin giving a matt and lightweight finish. “The absorbent and micronized components provide a non-shiny effect which helps hide skin defects, even mixed and oily skin, giving a healthy and natural look”.

To note finally, the “Rice Line”. “A product line that exploits the recognized anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of rice powder and combines it with natural raw materials of the highest quality, extremely compatible with the skin and designed to give comfort and well-being to the skin”.

“As I told you earlier, emphasises Colombo, we position ourselves as industry artisans. It can’t be more clearly stated. We can start runs with 1,000 pieces and one colour and for a minimum order of 5 kg. What matters to us is obviously the customer’s satisfaction and the way in which we treated his request. We innovate while firmly sticking to tradition” To note that Gi Picco’s exports 98% of its production, mainly to the United States and Germany, but also to the Netherlands, Russia and Sweden!