GRIF, in the process of increasing by 50% its production surface

GRIF, an Italian company specializing in the design, manufacture and filling of make-up products, will be moving by the end of this year in a new production site of 3,000 sqm on the outskirts of Milan. The young firm has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Explanations by Loredana Dattilo, owner and CEO.

MakeUp in…™: Some say you fell at a young age in a large pot of make-up products!

Loredana Dattilo: There is some truth in that! My father already had his own company specializing in this sector. From there on, I have continued to enrich my professional experience and then, one day, with a partner, at the age of 37, I started out. That was just over 10 years ago, in December 2002, we founded GRIF which stands for “Group of Research to Innovate Formulations in cosmetics.”

MakeUp in…™: You had a clear idea of the segment you wanted to operate in!

Loredana Dattilo: Quite precise, indeed! I wanted us to focus on innovation by developing new formulas. I very quickly developed the company as a real research laboratory. And the years that have passed have only strengthened me in this process. I dare say that we do not, strictly speaking, have a commercial approach, as the originality and quality of our products provide us tremendous business opportunities, and we respond more to demand than we are soliciting it.

MakeUp in…™: A milestone in the story of your company: Its planned relocation in the suburbs of Milan?

Loredana Dattilo: Yes, actually quite an event in itself! This is clearly the result of a continually growing demand. Our growth rate has always been between 5% and 10% a year. We have truly become specialists in make-up powders (70% of sales) intended for both the face and the eyes. Our customer base is extremely diverse. 95% of our production goes to customers outside Italy. First customer country, France, followed by Germany… But we also supply countries like the USA, Spain, Poland, Korea and regions like the Middle East.

MakeUp in…™: Basically this will mean more machines and more square metres?

Loredana Dattilo: With this new plant, we are increasing the surface area from 2,000 sqm to 3,000 sqm. To the two current “powder” lines, we will be investing in a third line and then a fourth line and we will also increase our production capacity for lipstick, our second “flagship” product, with at least two new filling machines, which will make a total of three production lines in this segment. Another important development for GRIF: we are in the process of obtaining the COSMOS certification and we have developed a line of organic and natural products, which we will be showcasing at the forthcoming Make-Up in Paris.

MakeUp in…™: You have also become a “full service” specialist!

Loredana Dattilo: Yes, and this from the very start of the company. I must say that we first started our business by developing our own formulas and then, by gradually, offering a 360° service. Today this activity accounts for 60% of our business. We control the entire chain to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. I must add that we do not just make powders and lipsticks. We are also present in all the other make-up products except nail polish and pens. As a conclusion, concerning our watchwords, Colour, Design and Creativity: Products devised at the right time for the appropriate market segment with avant-garde technology, innovative materials, what it takes of extravagance, are the essential ingredients explaining our success.