Mascara Plus: A new factory

The Italian company specialized in the production of mascara has just moved in its brand new 2,400 m2 plant located in Inzago near Milan, nothing to compare with the 600 m2 of the former plant.

Cost of the operation 3 million euros. A significant investment for this young company. A new filling line which comes in addition to the first one. The total capacity of the factory depending on the number of hours of production can largely exceed 30 tonnes/month and can even be increased three times.

The filling worshop now has a capacity of 75,000 pcs/day.

A new dual viscosity mascara

To note that Mascara Plus has its own manufacturing line for brushes (60,000 pcs/day). An industrial effort coupled in recent months with the establishment of several agents abroad like in the United States, Taiwan and soon in South America and Dubai.

To note finally, the development of a new mascara containing two formulas with different viscosities, that blend together just before being applied and which will be showcased at Cosmoprof Bologna.