Nail polish: Drop Nail just about to double its production

In recent months the nail polish sector has seen the arrival of a new player in the area of Crema, near Milan, the Drop Nail Company.Actually, it’s been two years since the protagonists behind this initiative have been at work. “It took us some time, explains the Commercial Director Alfredo Posenato, for the production workshop of 1,500 m² to be up to our expectations and for us to be really in a position to offer our products on the market place.” A market, according to Drop Nail officials, which responds very well to their arrival among the global manufacturers. Production capacity to date, 1,000 tonnes/year. “A production capacity that is expected to double quickly,” we were told at the factory in Romanengo. Because demand is there. The nail polish market is still very dynamic and is continuing to grow. “Demand is coming from everywhere,” explains Posenato. “From Italy, of course, but also from the Middle East and the United States.”