Nails: a exclusive beauty treatment for men

A BB cream

Men for the past 3 years could also enjoy the use of BB Creams for the face, today the benefits of this formulation extend to nail care with the “BB Cream for Man” proposed by the Italian manufacturer ICC.

The formulation of this nail care product designed specifically for men contains nanoparticles that release substances that help reactivate the natural protection of dehydrated nails, or of nails damaged by solvents and surfactants. Slightly colored and matt, this nail polish/nail care discreetly enhances nails by strengthening their healthy and natural appearance.

A Matt black lacquer

NCLA the US brand of nail polish teamed up with the HUF skate shop and the professional surfer Craig Anderson to create the first nail polish marketed to men. It’s black, masculine and for “the man who is bold enough to make a creative statement,” says NCLA co-founder Elin Dannerstedt.