Orléans cosmetics: the story of a renaissance

Last November 15th, the company, Cosmetic Collections Maquillage changed hands and…name. The company located in Saint-Cyr en Val (in the Loiret department in north-central France) specialized in the creation and production of make-up formulas is now named Orléans Cosmetics. At the head of the company, a man with an entrepreneurial spirit, coming from the business consulting sector, Christophe Dulong, who intends with his thirty employees to make of this company a leader in make-up formulation in France and…, Europe. More details below…

MakeUp in…™: To reach your goal, you have quit a lot of assets!

Christophe Dulong: You should know that Orléans Cosmetics is not, strictly speaking, a newcomer. For nearly 30 years, the teams of this company (formerly Cosmetic Collections Maquillage) have been designing and producing high-end make-up products at the heart of the Cosmetic Valley.
Its main assets are:
– Innovative formulations in line with the market’s constantly evolving requirements.
– Manufacturing and packaging operations, which are undertaken under the highest quality standards, bearing the “Made in France” seal.
– An industrial production of short or recurring series with a very high service rate requirement.
This expertise and this commitment have enabled the company to become a reference partner for the most prestigious brands in French luxury cosmetics.

MakeUp in…™: Can you give us some details on the product range.

Christophe Dulong: Compacted or loose, powders are at the core of our expertise. The tens of formulas developed by our laboratory cover many uses: Eyeshadow, Foundation Powders, Bronzing Powders, Blush, Body Powders…
Liquid or creamy, transparent or hyper-coloured, discreet or bright, hot filled products can be used for different products: Lipsticks, Gloss, Lip balms and Lip scrubs, Concealers or Long wear eyeshadows, Foundations, Blushers…
And to help our customers broaden their fragrance and perfume ranges, we have also designed many scented derivatives, from the most sophisticated – like Concretes (or Cream-perfumes) and Powder-perfumes –, to the most cocooning ones like Bath caviars, Massage powders, Scented talcs or Air fresheners…
Our laboratory offers its expertise for the development of products, by offering the appropriate dosage form, by selecting textures from a very wide range, by developing the colour palette according to current trends, and by selecting the most appropriate active ingredients…
But development also involves assays (microbiological, stability of materials and colours, compatibility with the selected packagings), the coordination of regulatory work depending on the markets targeted…

MakeUp in…™: A few words on your industrial tool….

Christophe Dulong: Our 49.500 sq ft (4,600 sqm) production site, located on the outskirts of Orléans, is GMP, ISO 22716 and ECOCERT certified and the quality of air is constantly monitored by a play of aspirations/pressures, to guarantee production quality.
We use industrial equipments (Lodige mixers, Vetraco powder presses, MOM fillers…) which are standards in the cosmetic industry worldwide.
4 mixing rooms, 2 grinding rooms, 8 units for compacting, 1 filling line, 3 hot filling lines, and three packaging lines enable us to constantly adapt our production tool to all formats and volumes.
Our quality control system (self monitoring + sample checks + end of line controls) help ensure a very high level of quality.
Depending on the production forecast, the industrialization stage enables to optimize production costs by adjusting the level of automation to the manufactured ranges. This is a key factor to offer the best price while maintaining the highest quality. In the case of large or recurring series, a pilot enables to validate the manufactured ranges.
All the care taken in the manufacture of bulk and filled powders guarantees the quality of production, and the conformity of the manufactured product with the product designed in the laboratory. Our dedicated manufacturing team is an expert in the elaboration of mixtures, in small or large quantities.
The production of compact powders and filled products is a historical know-how of our company. Nothing will replace the expertise of our operators to guarantee the production consistency and the finishing quality, which is what has made our reputation.
Primary (filling) and secondary packaging are semi-automated to ensure a top-notch finishing quality, while ensuring productivity and keeping production costs as low as possible. Our packaging lines enable to produce complex products, like complete make-up palettes with up to 20 accessories.
Finally, we obviously place great importance on logistics, which enables us to guarantee the traceability of products and the tracking of deliveries. Hence, our whole production is monitored by a high performance ERP, which structures all our manufacturing and logistics processes…

MakeUp in…™: what is your objective this year, in terms of sales?

Christophe Dulong: Two million euros.