The Regi “phenomenon”!

A simple click on the brand new website of this Italian company, specialized in the design and manufacture of make-up formulations, will convince you: the sales and marketing approach of the Regi team intends to be different and original…. And it certainly is! Click on the section “Our Numbers” to convince yourself. It reveals the outgoing phone calls in minutes, the number of emails, The number of coffees drunk …Does this company stand apart? Its owner and CEO, Vittoria Cicchetti, decidedly wants it to be and summarizes her approach in simple terms: “Thinking ahead, looking around and far, always searching for new solutions, customizing unique products. Being young, innovative, creative, and professional.”

After passing the door of Regi’s brand new factory and headquarters in Crema, the tone is set. The floor and the stairs look like a make-up palette. The atmosphere is particularly warm and friendly. We can sense that every detail counts. “Our approach can be summarized in a few words, says Vittoria Cicchetti, a pinch of passion, plenty of Laboratory research, a hint of creativity, endless product and trend research”.

As for the figures, they are indicative of the dynamics set out in recent months. In five years the firm has made a spectacular leap with, in particular, the construction of this new plant. The turnover has increased from EUR 17 million in 2011 to EUR 24 million forecast this year for a total staff of 92. The company prides itself on only manufacturing make-up products with an equal share between powders (33%), lipstick/Lip gloss (33%) and foundation/mascara (33%).

The just in time approach!

“Flexibility, responsiveness and innovation are our watchwords,” says Vittoria Cicchetti. “We want to be, and are actually very close to our customers and always careful to give a prompt reply to their queries. We are also very careful that the development times remain as short as possible. For us, the Just in Time is fundamental!” The importance of the team is also one of the company’s strong point. “Because our team is our greatest investment to support the business of our customers”, insists Vittoria Cicchetti.

Europe including Germany and France is the first “customer” Market for Regi this year, followed by the United States and Russia. “We clearly want to particularly focus on the U.S. market in the coming months, with in mind the prospects of opening an office in New York,” we were told at Crema.