UK: Creative Cosmetics, thriving through the crisis

Located on the east coast of England, Creative Cosmetics has been producing make up for more than twenty five years. The company offers a full range of services, from design to manufacturing and marketing.The small enterprise (SME) specialises in the conception, manufacturing and filling of make-up and skin care products. Serving more than 30 brands both in UK and Europe, the company supplies the whole country with client brands through online sale and local distribution to pharmacies, supermarkets and spa’s etc..

Concerned with their level of reactivity and customer service, the SME “is committed to working with other SMEs to ensure they develop products in keeping with their production and management abilities” says Alan Major, CEO. “We manufacture a minimum of 3500 pieces for each product, thus we can serve confidential brands to market their own make-up range.”

“Working closely with our clients, we can develop and market an entire make-up range in six months.” He adds. The reactivity and creativity of Creative Cosmetics are major assets that brands with a desire to break into the fast growing market that British cosmetics aspire to. Their flexibility allow them to tailor their activity to the changing trends. Today for example, the bottling of nail polish represents a great part of their activity, as was the case in the late 90’s.

Creative Cosmetics manufactures a wide variety of make-up. Including lipsticks and glosses, facial make-up (primer, powder and cream foundation, blush, etc.) and eye make-up (shadows, mascara, powder, liners, etc.) The company has great success with its own primer formula and would like to broaden its horizons by producing, developing BB and CC creams, anti-aging range and other skin care products.

As a designer who started his career in the packaging business, Alan Major decided to establish a laboratory for the testing and formulation of make-up, to answer to the growing demands of the British market. Great Britain is ranked the fourth highest country in terms of make-up consumption behind Germany, France and Italy. The vitality of the market is such that it keeps boosting up the SME which flourishes in this time of economic crisis and produces up to 2.5 million units a year. Creative Cosmetics offers increasingly elaborated and varied make-up range for the British and European consumers.