Albéa, heavily investing in the make-up sector

The Group has announced a € 6 million investment for its new European Centre of Excellence for mascara and lip gloss applicators, which will start in Bottanuco (Italy). In the field of product development, the Group will launch this fall four new types of lipstick bullets and will sign the latest Rouge Dior. According to officials, advanced technologies were used for this product, in terms of finishing and manufacturing processes. Finally, the Group launched the Artist Bubble tube, the newest member of the company’s Artist Family of make-up applicators. Specially designed for women on-the-go, Artist Bubble is the take everywhere sponge-tube combination for make-up applications such as concealers, cream eye shadow, cream blush and gloss.When completed, the new Bottanuco mascara and gloss applicator facility – a short drive from Milan – will have a production area of 13,000m² and a warehouse capacity of 3,000m². Warehousing, tooling, injection-extrusion- and blow moulding, decoration and assembly, thermal varnishing, UV lacquering and metallization will all be thoroughly integrated. The facility will be home to a dedicated brush development section, as well as a comprehensive brush library with both fibre and plastic brushes. The objective is to be more customer-oriented in proposing innovation in reactivity on samples.

According to officials, “the expansion and integration of two existing sites (Verderio and Imbersago) will offer customers better speed-to-market, further flexibility and supply chain efficiency. The customer-oriented effort represents a major investment in RESOURCES. It will be seamlessly orchestrated as part of Albéa’s ongoing efforts to deliver a comprehensive “Glocal” world of solutions, with cutting-edge, local production, service, teams and expertise – and global support for the most complex international launches.”

Today, the company’s Italy-based mascara production, in 2 sites (Verderio and Imbersago), services the requests of mascara makers. The creation of a single, integrated site will further enhance efficiency, deliver a wider range of value added services, and encourage the supplier-customer interaction.

New lipstick designs

The Albéa quartet of innovative new lipsticks shapes was designed for high-precision application and perfectly defined lips, in one stroke. Guided mechanisms ensure the longevity of the specific bullet design for the life of the lipstick. The four bullet shapes include Square™, Teardrop™, Elliptic™ and Kiss Liner™, all crafted of ABS and designed for high-speed top-filling.

With their original and glamorous designs, the audacious the Square’s diamond-shaped as well as the high-fashion Teardrop™ and trendy Elliptic™ lipsticks permit precision and definition to perfectly apply lipstick and follow carefully the curves of women’s lips but also a long lasting precision till the end of the bullet. The chic, arty Kiss Liner™ is a lipstick allowing the combination of two formulas in the same mechanism. With its sharp and angled bullet, Kiss Liner™ offers simultaneous make-up of the lips contour and the lip surface in one stroke. No lip liner needed anymore: women can reach high precision in application especially on the difficult M-zone at the centre of the upper lip.

Each lipstick works perfectly with today’s soft, hybrid formulations and provides new levels of brand differentiation in a market where “newer is better.” Their ergonomics please the consumer while the airtight (except Diamond), guided design is compatible with volatile formulas such as those based on isododecane or silicone. These lipsticks are designed to delight consumers with unsurpassed control, precision and easy, one-stroke contouring.

For an upscale, chic look that grabs consumers at the point of sale. All four versions are available in a wide range of decorative options, lacquering, metallization, silk screen, two-tone painting, pad printing and hot stamping. In addition, each pack can be further differentiated thanks to a decoration option range.

The new “Rouge” by Dior

Advanced technologies were used for this product, in terms of finishing and manufacturing processes, to participate in the creation of this worthy heir to the classic Rouge Collection it replaces. For this square-shaped lipstick, enhanced with a luxurious silver ring re-creating the famous printing effect of the Miss Dior purse, Albéa deployed:

– A new Dior dark blue.

– The fluting, a motif reminiscent of the famous Miss Dior purse, gives the shiny silver metalized ferrule an haute couture finish.

– Careful attention has been paid to finishes. In addition to the ferrule, the top of the cap features the brand’s silver hot stamped initials. The cap and base have been weighted, in order to give the lipstick the heft of a precious object

– The shine of the entire pack is obtained by applying an ultra-resistant protective transparent varnish, which further highlights the depth of the magnificent deep blue and enhances the case.

To design the new Rouge Dior, Albéa developed a specific, in-line manufacturing process:

– Hot stamping: for the engraving of the top of the cap, Albéa developed a specific, in-line hot stamping machine

– Skills in injecting loaded matter, while preserving depth of colour

– A new automatic specific assembly and decoration in-line injection machine was developed for this lipstick

– The creation of an invisible part line for joints and sharp engraving.

The Artist Bubble tube

Artist Bubble is the take everywhere sponge-tube combination for make-up applications such as concealers, cream eye shadow, cream blush and gloss.

According to officials the Artist Bubble model was specifically designed to address the various requirements of the “on-the-go packaging” trend. Today’s women take their make-up products with them, for around-the-clock usage, while travelling, at work, and afterwards. Its compact size encourages incremental purchase, as it is easily carried for quick touch-ups. A gentle, comfortable “dab” gesture is all it takes for a finger-free and precise application with superior results. For optimal product differentiation, Artist Bubble is available with a full range of decoration options, including 6 colours offset printing, Pixel graphics technology and hot-stamping. The tube diameter is 16mm, with a filling capacity range of 5 to 5ml. To note that Albéa’s Artist Bubble is the latest in the Artist family, which also includes the Roll-on metallic ball, the Roll-on plastic ball, the Soft Bevel and Brush, suitable for a variety of lip, eye and nail care applications.