CTK: innovate, never stop innovating

A Korean firm truly reflecting the general atmosphere prevailing within the beauty industry in this country. Eight million dollars in turnover equally divided between the make-up and the skincare sectors, Cosmetics Technics Korea (CTK), not only is no exception to the rule, but intends to prove every day that this desire to innovate is real. Explanation from its founder/owner and CEO, Ian Chung.

MakeUp in …™: Your company isn’t that old really?

Ian Chung: Actually the company started as Tai-Ka Co in 1979 with a speciality in metal manufacturing. It has since evolved into CTK Co Ltd in 2001 not only to include high quality packaging manufacturing but also trend-based product formulation development. This complete range of services focuses on quality, creativity, innovation and patented technology wherever possible. We offer clients 100 % turn-key innovations and strategic brand developments. We partner today with a wide range of globally recognized brands. For this we work in Korea with eleven partner factories that use our tools or fill for us.

MakeUp in …™: What comes first today? Packaging manufacturing or the full service activity, formulation included?

Ian Chung: In fact, this changes very much from one year to another. For a long time packaging took precedence, but this year, for example, the full-service activity will represent approximately 50% of our business. More and more, our clients are looking for a reliable partner to manage the product from formula creation to finished good, even including secondary packaging. We are building on this since we have a wide range a capabilities for our clients. Being based in Korea, where the market is so dynamic has many advantages.

MakeUp in …™: And when you mention packaging, do you make them all?

Ian Chung: We are present in all areas of beauty packaging, except lipstick tubes. We specialize in aluminium plaques/aluminium cladding, especially for use with fragrance packaging and specialty compacts. But we also develop innovative components for injection. We have a complete view of what we are capable of making, I recommend going directly to our website www.ctkcosmetics.com.

MakeUp in …™: On what technical developments are you working on right now?

Ian Chung: There’s no doubt that air tightness requirements are keeping our research and especially developments teams quite busy and more specifically concerning make-up cases. But we also intend this year to offer new innovations in terms of decoration. We are also focused on functionality and multiplicity of function. Our technicians are very creative, sometimes too much, they can go too far. But this is good because once we simplify we end up with something very strong.

MakeUp in …™: One of your strong points like many European colleagues is to systematically file patents.

Ian Chung: It is crucial in the present competition. You must protect yourself. We are also quite proud of filing many patents each year.

MakeUp in …™: How are you looking to grow your company.

Ian Chung: We are continuing to build new projects with our current clients, we have built strong relationships with all of our clients, we believe customer service, reliability and attention to detail is important. We do several of the large trade shows each year to build our base of clients and to showcase our capabilities directly to our clients. We have a great team and we work hard together but enjoy our work and this makes us successful. We look forward to progressing with new challenges and to promote innovation within our industry.