L4Belle: a newcomer in the make-up packaging sector

Through the impetus given by the managers at Lumson the Italian Group, L4Belle a brand new company specialized in the make-up packaging sector saw the light a few weeks ago. The result of an acquisition and of a perfect synergy with the Group’s industrial and commercial capacity. Giovanni Broggiato becomes the new CEO of the company, Stefano Focolari the Marketing Director and Giorgio Cassanmagnago the new Commercial Director. More bellow…

MakeUp in…™: L4Belle was exhibiting at the MakeUp in NewYork trade show just a few days ago? It was a first for many reasons. An entirely new company created with the support of the Lumson Group?

Stefano Focolari: Absolutely, L4Belle is a brand new company created last September by the Lumson Group and specialized in providing standard or ‘tailor made’ primary packaging solutions specifically for the Colour Cosmetics/Make-up market. It is the result of the takeover by Lumson of another Italian company, Modapack who actually already owned some of this expertise in standard or custom made primary packagings. Lumson will obviously help in bringing all its resources in terms of design and all its industrial and commercial potential which is consistent.

Being part of the LumsonGroup, will give L4Belle the opportunity to take advantage of the Group’s strategic and operational strong points in terms of production capacity, R & D, sales force, marketing, supply chain, etc.

MakeUp in…™: This redeployment in the make-up packaging sector is an important strategic step for the Lumson Group?!

Stefano Focolari: Yes indeed! And Matteo Moretti, the CEO of Lumson did emphasise on this a few days ago by saying that “a packaging had to be attractive and seduce the final consumer at first sight, therefore we strive to create eye catching solutions and decorations following the latest trends. And then, that after the initial seduction stage, primary packaging should function and deliver the product correctly. In this respect, our Quality Control Dept. together with a carefully selected network of suppliers assures the reliability and quality standards of all our products.”

MakeUp in…™: You have two very clearly defined areas: standard packagings but also more specific packagings. And the scope of action of L4Belle encompasses all the segments of make-up packaging!

Giorgio Cassanmagnago: In trying to anticipate tomorrow’s trends, we develop ‘Ready to fill’ primary packagings, successful solutions for fast successful products. With a choice of different shapes and designs, customized with a wide range of decorations, L4Belle customers will have the appropriate packaging to enhance their products and put forward their brands.

But it is also important to let our customers’ ideas inspire and guide us, to help them transform their desires into beautiful packagings. Our Product Experts will help them develop tailor made solutions to perfectly dress their products, following their needs and ideas.

L4Belle offers make-up Packaging Solutions for Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, Lip Stick, Foundation, BB Cream, Primer, Blush, Eyshadow, Eyeliner, Coloured Cream, Coloured Powder, Mousse, etc.

It is a broad range consisting of Compacts for make-up in different diameters and shapes, Lip Gloss packagings, Glass Jars with special high sealing gaskets specifically developed for make-up products, Airless Systems, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Tubes, Airless Tubes, Tottles, Pumps, Covers, Screw Caps, Applicators, etc…

MakeUp in…™: L4Belle involves a staff of how many people today and what are your ambitions in terms of sales?

Giorgio Cassanmagnago: In terms of staff, L4Belle already directly involves twenty people, not to mention the commercial clout of the Lumson Group which, don’t forget, is also present in France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, the United States, Poland and Russia. We expect next year a dozen million euros in turnover.