Livcer: an obsession with quality

Livcer, a family business established in 1988 and run by Charles de Livonnière (printing) and his sister Aude de Livonnière (packaging), achieved last year a turnover of EUR 13 million, for a workforce of 47 people. The company focuses on two very different activities: Flexographic printing, mainly for the pharmaceutical industry and the packaging of thermoformed samples and single doses (45% of which for make-up). Recent investments to date: A whole battery of new filling systems for the dispensing, for example, with nitrogen of sophisticated products. Details are given to us by Aude de Livonnière…

MakeUp in…™: Your operate both on the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market?

Aude de Livonnière: We can say we have really become in a few years the French specialist in thermoformed samples and single doses. We strive to meet all the new requirements of the cosmetic market.

We offer our customers a choice of more than a hundred standard moulds, both for skincare and colour cosmetics. By playing on the graphics and colours, the sample then becomes the exact replica of the product.

As there is today, a trend towards specific single use products, we position ourselves as a leader in the development of this type of pack, such as creams sold in single doses, travel products, pre-moistened masks, gels patches or even flavoured or scented ice cubes.

From the original flexographic reproduction process to raw material stock management, we also offer the best guarantees of safety and pharmaceutical quality.

MakeUp in…™: Environment and quality are also two of your main concerns!

Aude de Livonnière: Absolutely! We are an eco-responsible company and we have grown a concern for the protection of the environment for many years. Already an IMPRIM’VERT company, we are constantly seeking to make improvements on materials, inks, and waste management. And we give preference to partners who work in the same perspective we do, be they printers, manufacturers of plastic laminates or other subcontractors.

Since 2000, the company has engaged in a quality management system that is straightforward, effective and continually evolving, just like our company.

This approach was recognized by AFAQ as of 2001 when we were granted the ISO 9002 certification. Then in 2004, we logically moved to the ISO 9001:2000 certification (and then to ISO 9001:2008 in 2009 whose philosophy fits perfectly with our corporate ethos: Continuous improvement aimed primarily at satisfying our customers.

Our environmental policy is based on the following points:

– Comply with the legal and applicable requirements and with the other requirements, to which we have subscribed,

– Reduce the impact or nuisances on the environment of our industrial activity,

– Prevent the risk of pollution and of hazardous situations,

– Continuously improve all our environmental performances,

– Manage waste treatment,

– Shift from toxic products to less hazardous products.

We also obtained our ECOCERT manufacturing certification in January 2009. This enables the company to package already ECOCERT-certified biological products and thereby satisfy the needs of customers in a more comprehensive manner. We also received the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Finally, our quality system is regularly audited by our customers, as well as during outsourced internal audits and certification audits. The commitment and efficiency of our staff are consistently praised during these audits.

We have undertaken a GMP certification since 2010 which resulted in 2012 in the two following standards:

ISO 15378, for the printing activity (GMP applied to primary packaging for pharmaceuticals).

ISO 22716, for the packaging of thermoformed cosmetics. This certification enables us to attest the application of good manufacturing practices, as stipulated in the EC Regulation 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, the application of which is mandatory from July 11, 2013.

MakeUp in…™: You talk of “cosmetic requirement”!

Aude de Livonnière: Beauty treatments, make-up, personal hygiene or even well-being products are all a number of innovations and events that we are fully dedicated in protecting. This is why this part of our business complies with very high standards of safety, hygiene and confidentiality.

The products are packaged in thermoformed single doses, in special filling units and under a controlled atmosphere, by a highly qualified personnel who makes sure to maintain the best possible preservation conditions of the products chemical and biological quality.

The quality of the products we deliver to our customers has to be impeccable. Integrated into our quality management system, quality control is performed at three levels: A unit control at the machine outfeed, a statistical control on semi-finished products and finished products.

MakeUp in…™: You are also expanding abroad?

Aude de Livonnière: Absolutely! Especially in the United States for the past two years.