Lumson lauches “Envers”!

Lumson, the Italian family-owned group will be releasing, one after another, several novelties with as a highlight, “luxury” variations of its famous TAG airless packaging system, but also a new range of particularly attractive packagings for L4Belle, its division more specifically dedicated to the cosmetic industry and not to mention, “Envers”, a brand new particularly innovative packaging… Details by Stefano Focolari, Marketing Director.

MakeUp in…™ : Your presence at Cosmoprof Bologna and in a few days, at MakeUp in Paris is sure to be a conversation starter in the aisles of both events. Innovation is more than ever at the heart of your approach. Starting with your new “TagLuxea” series.

Stefano Focolari : As you know, most experts in the field define TAG as a “Revolutionary Packaging”. TAG is the first airless system in a glass bottle and the only packaging that combines the advantages of airless technology to the beauty of a glass bottle.

Now TAG LUXEA is ready to be launched on the market. We were inspired by a stylish and feminine design and we enriched it with TAG technology to offer our clients new beauty shapes. Thanks to our designers we gained an amazing result. TAG LUXEA stands out with its thick based glass bottle, its beautiful decoration options and highly customizable accessories. The real touch of class comes from its original design. The bottle and accessorizes have a semi spherical shape which is spaced out of 2 flat surfaces. Despite this exclusive design, TAG Luxea can still be entirely decorated. Our technicians were determined to be able to customize the glass bottle using the entire available surface and by making the decoration with the ceramic screen printing, this special technology gives the graphic designs an unequalled strength and sparkle. Another wonderful decoration, specifically developed for the TAG, is the “Glass Enhancer” an inner spray lacquering created to enhance the glass bottle, and also customizable with pearl or metalized colours. TAG Luxea is available in 30 and 50ml sizes, perfect for Skin care and Make up textures. This unique packaging will be able to satisfy even those customers who require accurate distribution and a high protection of their formulas.

MakeUp in…™ : This year you have voluntarily chosen to focus on the luxury segment?

Stefano Focolari : Absolutely! Hence, our new packaging line, “The Collezione De Luxe” has been based on studies of Cosmetic Companies’ needs and desires. Beauty, quality and technological innovations are the features that have been gathered together by our designers and technicians; they have then been merged into a single collection, totally developed in Italy. Composed of two elegant glass bottles in 15 and 50 ml, and one 50 ml glass jar, the collection holds the entire essence of beauty and luxury, adorned with the High Premium Quality and beautiful decorations.

The aesthetics are not the only one feature that makes the Collezione De Luxe so special, this collection indeed is unique also for the airless technology associated, inside the glass bottles. Called “Airless Pouch Technology” this innovative airless system used in all our Airless Packagings (TAG, APP, TAG LUXEA, TAG DE LUXE, APP 355S), in a multi-layer pouch, has been created, developed and patented by Lumson to guarantee 100% protection of formulas.

Even the jar assures an High End/Selective positioning of the product, thanks to the beauty of the glass, the very large size impression of the pack and the possibility to spray colour the inside of the jar, just like we do with our TAG Systems. As the matter of facts if the product in our airless systems is protected because it is inside the pouch, in the Jar De Luxe the product is actually placed in a plastic container (in PP) inserted inside the jar. We have dedicated a great deal of research on the accessories and decoration: the pump, with a minimalistic cylindrical shape has been combined to the Actuator Pearl 223, developed for its new ergonomic and feminine design. Completing the pack is the over cap that can be customized with metallization, hot stamping and tampo printing on top. Even the jar has had a custom cover developed, a cylindrical shape and covered in aluminium to add a touch of class on such an important and precious jar. The entire Collezione De Luxe can be decorated using our Glass Enhancer technique, a special decoration that allows spray lacquering made on the inside of the glass bottles and Jar, furthermore it can create the exclusive “Mirror” effect, selective brands appreciate so much. The cosmetic formulations are protected by the pouch or by the jar insert, meaning they never touch the decoration, guaranteeing to keep the formulas pure.

MakeUp in…™ : Your L4Belle division will also be coming up with a lot of new products?

Stefano Focolari : L4Belle increases its offer adding more products to the most renowned primary packaging solutions for the Colour Cosmetics market. New tottles for liquid foundations, lovely jars for loose powders and fascinating Lip Gloss packagings are some of the latest products launched recently. Inspired by the trend “Woman on the Go”, the new product ranges are perfect to be carried around, thanks to small capacities, flat shapes and smooth edges, all dedicated to a woman who enjoys urban life and spends a lot of her time travelling, without compromising on beauty and seduction. L4Belle has created a useful presentation box in order to introduce these new products to customers and suggest them new gestures for the daily make up. Offering user friendly packagings for lips, eyes and face, L4Belle’s box includes the new lip gloss Kate with a smooth flat shape, a Slim glass jar (5ml) with a highly printable cover and with our very successful “High Sealing Gasket” that works perfectly with highly volatile products and make-up mousses and a compact Sophia for pressed powders. To enhance the beauty of the face using liquid foundations, primers and bb creams L4Belle proposes a Plastic bottle Greta with a flat ergonomic shape, and the tottle Amanda CCS made in a new transparent material that allows the formulas to be shown. Last but not least the Loose Powder Jar Brigitte, with its flat shape and beautiful brush, is a perfect solution to be carried around adding colours to the daily make up.

MakeUp in…™ : But one of the most striking novelties showcased will be your new packaging “Envers”!

Stefano Focolari : – Envers, it’s a revolutionary airless packaging inspired by our love of looking at thing differently and designed to turn around the idea of cosmetic packaging. We are sure that Envers, available in two different shapes/designs, will collect success and appreciation among clients, and it will add an original and exclusive Italian touch. In fact, it is an airless container which was literally designed the “other way around” (the meaning of envers in French – translator’s note) compared to a conventional container. The guiding principle for its design was that the container itself could be concealed by the cap and that is could therefore act as the part to operate to deliver the product with a light finger pressure.

We are presenting our new “ENVERS” as a worldwide premiere at Cosmoporf 2014 to selected clients and by appointment only. This is quite innovative pack and we want to introduce it on the market starting with selected brands at first, which is why we still do not want to unveil too much about it yet.

But we have also focused our efforts on the evolution of APP, Airless Plastic Packaging, developed in a new slender and feminine design called APP355 S. This new packaging combines the new airless smart pump AA355 S with the new PEARL actuator 223 and the new plastic bottle APP 355 S, while the airless system remains the same, the reliable airless pouch technology developed and patented by Lumson. They are special products created in 30 and 50 ml and dedicated to the prestigious cosmetic brands who desire a plastic airless packaging highly customizable. With a wide range of decorations such as colour inner spray, metallization, screen printing etc, APP 355 S is the perfect choice.