Mazel, a Korean company and a division of the Samhwa Plastic group, is building on make-up

The Korean company Mazel, the cosmetics division of the Samhwa Plastic Group has announced the start up of its new factory next month. In November, the firm based on the outskirts of Seoul, specializing in the production of packaging for the beauty sector will be moving up a gear by expanding its current industrial tool with 2,100 sqm of additional production surface which will house about twelve injection machines (that come in addition to the 70 existing ones) and several brand new assembly lines. Amount of the investment, nearly two million euros. Overview with Thomas Hwang, Sales Team/General Manager, C-C Kim, Overseas Marketing Team/Executive Director, and Tony Son, Overseas Sales Team/Manager.MakeUp in…™: To start with, a few words on the Sawhwa Plastic Inc Group?

Thomas Hwang: Since its establishment in 1977, Samhwa Plastic Inc. produces plastic mouldings for cosmetic products, household goods and electronic products. Especially in the field of cosmetics, we are striving to enhance the value of the market by producing and marketing excellent containers and pumps. We have our own production line for mould designing and production, for plastic moulding, surface coating and metalizing of plastic surfaces, printing and hot stamping, etc. With our in-house system, we are striving to develop into an integrated producer of plastic packaging. Mazel, a brand of the Samhwa plastic Group is currently widely used in the cosmetics, household goods and pharmaceuticals market.

MakeUp in…™: Now some figures concerning the cosmetic branch?

C-C Kim: Mazel will achieve this year a turnover of around USD 60 million thanks to four production units with a workforce of approximately 400 people. 70% of the turnover is achieved on the Korean market itself. The remaining 30% comes from foreign markets, and 60% of which from the United States and the remaining from Europe.

MakeUp in…™: One of your strong points is airless packaging of course?

Tony Son: Yes, absolutely! It is historically and clearly Mazel’s strong point. As a matter of fact we were the first in Korea. But there is more to it. We also have a strong position in the production of jars and, in general, of packagings directly or indirectly intended for the make-up industry. We are actually working on the development of this activity, more specifically with our new jars and/or airtight make-up cases. And we are currently working on the development of several products of this type for leading international cosmetic brands. I must say that we have the experience it takes and the appropriate industrial equipment with more than 80 injection machines including four bi-injection machines, seven varnishing lines and three vacuum metallizers. And as regards airless packagings, we produce around 12 million units annually, whether they are with a piston or a pouch.

MakeUp in…™: Hence, the start up! of the new plant is very timely!

Thomas Hwang: We need greater capacity. Especially for specific developments related to the make-up industry. Our developments in recent years of jars and airtight compacts are very successful.