Microbial protection and “intelligent” packaging

Cosmetics require ever increasingly manufacturing processes that meet requirements for sustainable development. Hence, better protecting the environment, being capable of creating increasingly less chemical products and to use as few as possible preservatives in formulas, are concerns increasingly central to the cosmetic industry; especially in make-up with sensitive products like mascaras, for example.

Like a butterfly flapping its wings can influence the weather at the other end of the world, the Pylote technology significantly improves traditional industrial processes and their finished products.

“Clean tech” The patented technology of Pyrolyse Pulverisée® (Sprayed Pyrolysis), initially transferred from the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Toulouse, required an additional four-year development to meet industrial requirements. Thanks to its technology, and using only basic elements, water and energy, Pylote is capable of generating a range of Ecocert® certified new raw materials, with new properties, under a green process, thePylengo® process.

The Pylote approach on “clean” products is innovative in that it focuses on the source of plastic packaging to remove the risk of product contamination.

Loïc Marchin, President of Pylote SAS – www.pylote.fr – answers our questions on the application of his solution in cosmetic packagings.

MakeUp in…™: What issues are you addressing?

Loïc Marchin: We are addressing the issue of products preservation by the nature of the packaging. Indeed, we know that preservatives are no longer welcome in the manufacturing process of cosmetics because they can be the cause for allergies and health risks. As for parabens they penalize the image of brands, in times when the cosmetic industry must cope with stringent regulatory restrictions and numerous certifications, making formulas increasingly complex and sensitive.
Unfortunately, in the absence of preservatives, the packaging and formula contamination occurs as of the first use.
This is where our solution comes in: impart the container with “clean” properties that help to preserve the formula and limit/eliminate the risks of product contamination during its use and enable the delivery to consumers of a product with high cleanliness.

MakeUp in…™: In what consists your approach?

Loïc Marchin: We offer brands the opportunity to develop and sell greener, cleaner and safer products by using the Pylengo® solutions. Pylote has developed on an industrial scale an innovative, patented and “clean” process, reducing the environmental impact of products through the development of 100% mineral micro-spheres. The Pylengo® process relies on Pyrolyse Pulvérisée®, a “Cleantech” patented Green Chemistry.

With our solution Pylengo® TPC (Technology to Protect and Control), we help brands reduce or remove the preservatives, block retro-contamination during use, insure that the cleanliness of packagings is maintained and therefore, provide consumers with a product with a high-cleanliness.

To achieve this, we insert mineral microspheres in the plastic of packagings to improve the chemical nature of the material. We operate throughout the industrial chain that manufactures the finished product. Our strength lies in the addition of breakthrough technology to the finished products without however modifying the current industrial processing of operators: no investment in equipments or R&D, the same men, the same machines, the same plants, the same packagings, the same filling processes,…

MakeUp in…™: Your expertise is recognized/certified?

Loïc Marchin: Our Pylengo® TPC technology is in line with the characteristics and needs of the market. Its performances are scientifically proven on commercial products (by independent Cofrac accredited laboratories). Its particularity is to be in direct contact and with no transmission of substances. In addition, it is a 100% mineral solution, therefore ecological and Ecocert® certified, with no nano-particles and it is Food Contact certified. It is an Eco-design: the same package with the same number of parts, with no polymers or additional metal components, facilitating recyclability.
We have other Pylengo® solutions, like Pylengo ® TAP (Traceability Authentication Products) that meets the needs of brands for protection, for product authentication.


Loïc Marchin is a Doctor of Physical Chemistry, specialized in the science of materials and in particular a specialist in particles.
He is the co-founder of the Pylote start-up, created in 2008. Pylengo® Technologies have applications in various sectors (agriculture, cosmetics and perfumery, health and medicine, catalysis, transport, construction, etc.).