Oekabeauty will celebrate its 100th anniversary at MakeUp in Paris!

The German firm Oekabeauty (€ 32 million in turnover for a total staff 350 people), specializing in the design and production of lipstick tubes, mascara and lipgloss packs, will celebrate its hundred years of existence this year. As a preview of an event which will officially take place on October 10th at the headquarters of the company in Bamberg but which will also be a highlight of its presence at MakeUp in Paris, Gerald Oehlhorn, CEO, goes back over a hundred year long saga.

MakeUp in…™: An old story that of Oekabeauty! By the way, where does the name come from?

Gerald Oehlhorn: In fact, it’s Georg Oehlhorn and Sally Kahn who founded the “Oehlhorn & Kahn” company (later known as OEKAMETALL) in 1914 in Bamberg, Germany. In its early years, the company manufactured metal components for the electrical engineering industry and caps for the perfume industry. Since that time, OEKA has developed into an international operating manufacturer of plastic and metal components for cosmetic, technical and medical applications.

The main milestones in the company‘s development:

1920: Production of caps for the perfume industry on the first transfer presses.

1930: Manufacture of plastic products by means of compression moulding presses begins.

1950: Assembling of technical components and cosmetic packaging begins. First complete lipstick cases for the cosmetics industry are manufactured.

1954: The company passes into the sole ownership of the Oehlhorn family and is renamed OEKAMETALL.

1960: Injection-moulding of plastic parts and hot foil stamping become additional core competences.

1970: High-vacuum metallizing is introduced and developed into a special area. The deep-drawing production department is substantially enlarged. An increasing number of stainless steel products are processed, resulting in more and more assemblies for the automotive industry.

1980: The manufacturing of mascara brush rounds off the production range of mascara packaging.

1990: OEKAMETALL combines injection-moulding and metal processing techniques and manufactures plastic injection coated metal parts.

2000: A new production hall was built for the expansion of the deep drawing machining park and taken into operation with two new transfer presses (press capacity of 125t und 300t).

2006: The subsidiary CCO GmbH was founded in Thuringia. It is specializes in (UV) varnishing and high-vacuum metallization of parts in a refined in-line process.

2010: Injection-moulding of components for endoscopic technology in a controlled area.

2013: OEKAMETALL restructures its business areas and defines three new business sectors:

– OEKABEAUTY: plastic and metal packaging for the decorative cosmetics industry

– OEKATECH: components made of metal and plastic for the automotive and technical industries

– OEKAMED: components made of metal and plastic for the medical industry.

2014: OEKAbeauty produces about 100 million packs for mascara, lip gloss and lipstick products per year.

To this day, the company has been continuously family owned and remains loyal to its ecological, economic and social values as well as to its commitment to quality and customer service. Innovative thinking, flexibility and the use of modern technologies has kept the company young even after 100 years.

MakeUp in…™: Today you have separated the company into three separate entities.

Gerald Oehlhorn: Absolutely, we created three specialized business divisions Oekabeauty, Oekatech and Oekamed, where respectively, cosmetic packaging, components for the automotive industry, and medical devices are manufactured.

In addition, in 2006 the subsidiary CCO GmbH was founded in Thuringia. It specializes in (UV) varnishing and high-vacuum metallization of parts in a refined in-line process.

MakeUp in…™: No effort should be spared next October in Bamberg, to celebrate this event.

Gerald Oehlhorn: This year’s anniversary will be celebrated in Bamberg with an official ceremony attended by guests from politics, business partners and friends from around the world. A festival for OEKA’s employees and their families will round off the festivities. For this special occasion, OEKA would like to thank all its customers, suppliers, employees, friends and partners who have played their part in writing this 100-year success story. OEKA will continue to pursue sustainable growth, expand existing quality and performance advantage in its the various areas of business.