Strong growth expected in 2015 for the Taiwanese company Jia Hsing

After increasing last year its turnover by nearly 15% over 2013, the Taiwan based group Jia Hsing Enterprise, (1,300 staff spread out in two factories, 150 injection machines), expects in 2015 an increase of more than 20% of its activity. There are two main reasons for this new “leap forward”, firstly its growing influence on the global market of packaging and full service for the cosmetic industry, particularly in the USA, Japan and Europe, but also new markets acquired with customers who prefer to supply themselves in Taiwan rather than China. As a consequence the expansion of the new plant dedicated to cosmetics integrating formulation and filling operations and which saw the light in 2006, is in full swing. A plant that will extend in the end, on an area of 65,000 sqm. Each year the group dedicates some three million dollars in the renewal of its equipment population.

Kun Lan Lu, Chairman Jia Shin

Kun Lan Lu, Chairman Jia Shin

Jia Hsing Enterprise is undoubtedly one of the heavy weights among Asian cosmetic suppliers. An all the more interesting position knowing that this group is one of the few Taiwanese companies of this size to have maintained a full industrial presence in Taiwan. A strategy that clearly seems to be paying off today given the effective relocation of most of its industry peers from China to Taiwan. “And we are reaping the fruits today,” says Kun Lan Lu, President. “This will be one of the factors of growth for the current year and for the near future.”

The company that will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in two years is not only specialized in plastic injection, bottle moulding and aluminium punching, but it can also perform in-house printing, hot stamping, spray coating, and metallization to develop numerous cosmetic components. Since 2003, explains Kun Lan Lu, we have integrated state-of-the art component manufacturing, formulation manufacturing, filling, and logistic under the same roof. The supply of premium and high quality cosmetic packaging is our goal. Developing innovative product and technology is our mission.

The Full service strategy

It is indeed in 2003 that Jia Hsing decided to invest in a new plant dedicated to cosmetic manufacturing, including formulation, filling, and secondary packagings. Operations started on Dec. 29, 2006, the Cosmetic factory complies with GMP regulations to meet “clean room” criteria. With its original combination of plastic and metal manufacturing lines, Jia Hsing’s cosmetic factory offers full service activities to meet all requests.

The new plant is only 4 km from Fu-shing main factory, the manufacturing centre is a five-floor building which occupied in the beginning 10,000 sqm. In the end, the whole production site will extend on an area of 65,000 sqm. “Every year the plant grows a little more, says Helen Lu, Sales Director. We have a “formula” development department, a “packaging” development department, a “compounding” department, a “filling” department, and an “assembly” department in the manufacturing centre. All the manufacturing areas comply with GMP regulations for low dirt environment. We promise to provide high quality product to our customer. Our products include lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, liquid eye shadow, eyebrow pen, blush, loose powder, pressed powder, liquid foundation, foundation, concealer, cream, lotion, gel, massage oil, etc.

A global commitment

Jia Hsing is no exception to the rule, concerning Taiwanese entrepreneurs. Its market is global. So much so that the group achieves most of its sales in the USA followed by Japan and Europe.

“Jia Hsing’s R&D department is always closely following fashion trends” emphasises Helen Lu. We are confident in our ability to innovate, diversify ourselves and develop new and customized moulds. With a constant drive toward perfection in design and utility, Jia Hsing is deeply committed to research and development. Every product coming from our lines is the result of a corporate philosophy and of a professional staff. Our passion keeps us on the cutting edge of creativity and fashion trends We-have an in-house drawing/design team. Our professional and skilled team can help customers in the design and development of a perfect product, using 2D or 3D drawing. Our independent mould test team has the appropriative injection machines to test the new moulds, elaborate the manufacturing conditions, and conduct the appropriate tests to make sure the new mould meets with the JH standards. An in-house mock-up team can delivery appearance mock-up or functional mock-up to support customers conducting consumer testing or appearance approval. To avoid any uncertain issue before mould development.”

A formulation department

To maintain its competitiveness, a new formulation department was created in 2003. Now the Group can provide new services in mould development, product design, new technology implementation and cosmetic formulation development. It now has the capacity to deliver a full service offer to meet every customer’s needs in the world.