Unipack Korea: our mission… innovation!

Small in size but with a huge innovation capacity, Unipack Korea has embedded in its DNA what has become a mission for the company. With 26 employees and an anticipated $2.5 million in sales this year, the company packs quite an impressive portfolio. The next step will involve the firm’s relocation to a larger plant. CEO Brian Chung explains.

MakeUp in…™: Your company is quite young?

Brian Chung: Unipack actually dates back to 2009. Two years before that I’d started up a trading company called KY Korea Co. Ltd, where I worked mainly as an agent for Kanebo. In 2008, I also became a representative for the Korean company Hana. Already at the time, I had my sights set on innovation. So in 2010 we created and registered several products including an airtight compact, an airtight lipstick duo and a refill system for an airtight cream jar. In the same year we developed an exclusive contract with Toly, and we started supplying the airtight compact to Christian Dior. We also created and registered a Dial eyeshadow and powder compact and palette. Following on from this, we established and commissioned our Uni-Tech Co., Ltd. plant in Gangwon province. In 2011, we created and registered a sliding compact with a push-up lipstick, and an eyeshadow and powder compact with LED lighting. We also developed a series of refillable lipsticks. The following year, we created a new airtight compact and an airless distribution system for liquid cosmetics.

MakeUp in…™: Hence your mission: ‘innovation’!

Brian Chung: We specialise in both manufacture and design, and export skincare goods and make-up components to overseas markets. We work solely on the innovation, creation, smart design and production of exclusive plastic containers. Ultra-modern design is our watchword, and it’s something we’re proud of. We do our best to satisfy our customers with special exclusive items and the most prestigious, innovative, creative and luxury cosmetic packaging, such as airless dispensers, cream jars, lipsticks and compacts, some of which are patented. Despite our short history, Unipack has already made a name for itself among both local and global brands. On the industrial side, we have a dozen injection machines including three 220-tonne machines, two 170-tonne machines and five 100-tonne machines.

MakeUp in…™: Can you give us some examples of your innovative packaging?

Brian Chung: Take for example our series of airtight compacts with refillable inner compartments. Customers can choose between a compact containing just one make-up product or several. The compartments can also be refilled with either eyeshadow or lip balm. They can be used for all types of formula, even the most complex. In the square compact, the air leaves automatically when closing the lid and the valve further improves its airtight function. The hook on the second lid makes it easier to open. In the round compact, any air remaining when closing the lid passes between the lid of the inner compartment and the rubber (NBR) beneath the compartment, and is automatically evacuated when the lid of the inner compartment is opened.

We could also mention our airtight lipstick duo and our refillable lipstick. The number of parts have been greatly reduced, which brings it price down compared to normal lipstick duos. The airtight function also helps preserve the various formulas. The lipstick is automatically rolled up when turning the cap to one side. The system can be used for a variety of purposes, including for lipstick, stick foundation, blusher, sun sticks and concealers.

As for the refillable lipstick, a new lipstick can be added once the old one has been used up. The outer case is used again, only the bulk is changed – in this case the used lipstick. And it’s simple to replace.

Then there’s our refillable airtight cream jar with its unique design. It’s also very easy to use: it opens and closes automatically when you twist its body and push on the outer lid. It has a refillable inner compartment and a double locking system to make it airtight. It can be used for different formulas, such as creams, liquid foundations, etc.

Another important product is our new palette. Its mechanism is very simple and convenient for products with brushes. The brush automatically moves up when you open the lid and down when it’s closed. It’s an ideal concept for many types of product. Its design is very simple and costs pretty much the same as the existing palettes, but it’s much more useful and more practical. The brush compartment opens automatically when you open the lid.

Finally, a mention for our LED eyeshadow and powder compact. This is a new concept with innovative packaging using touch technology, similar to that used for smartphones. It’s intended for top-of-the-range markets. The LED lighting makes it fun to use, so applying make-up suddenly becomes more pleasurable! It’s an object consumers will be proud to use. The LED lighting illuminates a logo, which means the brand is automatically advertised. It also makes it easier to touch up make-up in places with dim lighting such as in stores, on planes, at the cinema, etc. It’s also possible to choose an eye-catching design.
To use it you simply:
– Press the power button on the bottom part. When the power comes on, the LED lights up the logo.
– Touch the top plate to see the colour or type of make-up inside. If you don’t need to see inside, touch again and the inside light turns off.
– Open the lid to use the make-up, and touch the concave part when you need light. If you don’t need it anymore, simply touch it again.
– When you want to change the type or colour of the make-up, just pull it out and change it.
– Once you’ve finished, close the lid and press the power button again to turn it off.