Bomotrendline is expanding

Ten months ago the German company moved in new premises to Eschbronn. bomo trendline innovative Cosmetic specialized in both the manufacture of standard jars and bottles for the Skin-Care market but also in a complete range of mascaras, lipgloss, eyeliners, not to mention its flagship products in the hand & nail care professional range, can now take advantage of a floor surface of 2,800 sqm.

MakeUp in…™: This installation in new premises represents quite a milestone for your company?

Adolf Brodscholl: Yes, it was very important for us because it enabled us to dramatically improve the company flows. Don’t forget that before we were in premises located on different levels. This also gives us more space for our production machines, mostly the ones dedicated to decoration, which completes our main production unit located in the Czech Republic where 300 people are employed and is home to a dozen new injection moulding machines, additionally to the production lines in Germany at the side of bomo-trendline Technik. With its storage capacity and its ability to quickly implement additional equipment if need be, the objective of the Eschbronn site is to be flexible to adapt to customer requirements.

MakeUp in…™: This is not the only investment made by your group?

Adolf Brodscholl: We invested a lot (over a million euro) in recent months in the creation of new tools to be able to offer, of course, new packaging lines & designs, because who means new tools means new packaging. The most important new packaging line SEVERA is growing up constantly with new sizes of components, recently we launched new Jars 5/8ml 100/200ml also in new airtight materials. Hence, the new SEVERA Airless System allows for a reliable application of sophisticated textures.

MakeUp in…™: In terms of new products, the year 2013 is no exception to the rule at bomo trendline !

Adolf Brodscholl: That’s true! In our trade, we must constantly come up with innovations. This year, in our Hand & Nail Care Professional range, I can tell you about our new SOFT CUTICLE & ELASTIC CARE Formulations, a nail care pen system of extraordinary quality. The formulas, either with a combination of natural oils & active ingredients strengthen the nail and rebuild its damaged structure. Gingko extracts, Aloe vera, Kukui nut oil, vitamin A & E repair the damaged area and prevent nails from splitting and the formation of nail grooves. Nightly use ensures a uniform appearance during the growth phase of the nail. A word also about our new NAIL CLEANER, a nail pen containing a gentle, acetone-free formula for removal of gel residues following UV/LED nail treatments. We can also talk about our new paraben free, water resistant, Permanent Eye & Lipliner, with chamomile and aloe vera ,removable with a standard remover. Another innovative Pen-System is the new Grand-Eyeliner & Lip Painter with a grandiose size impression. Different new Formulas which contain FDA-approved carbon black with chamomile, or a lip colour with shea butter and apricot flavour; of course all new formulations without paraben. The very successful free ink-system SPACY ART & FRENCH is going forward with NEON colours which allow much more designs on nails.