Brush innovations: the plus of design

Dynamic, manufacturers of accessories offer brushes with an always more ingenious and bold design to facilitate the application of increasingly liquid powders and formulas but also to meet demands for a precise and sophisticated make-up, close to sculpture.

From intuition…

Made of conical, high density, synthetic CosmeFibre® fibres, the ergonomics and design of Taiki’s “Style brush collection” enhance the intuitive use of powders, liquids or emollient-based products.

…to sophistication

The Wavrush range of FS Korea Industries is designed for a precise and sophisticated application of powders and blushes with different shapes suited to the different applications (primer, illuminator, highlighter) and adapted to face features.

The specific shape of Pennellifaro’s “Tip & Blend blush” makes it possible to directly collect the liquid foundation with the tip of the brush thus avoiding product residues or possible bacterial contamination.

2 or 3-in-1

Developed by the HCT Group the 2 in 1 patented technology of the “ Sephora Double Down Brush Set” is based on a brush that can be assembled into a double ended brush by removing the larger brush head and attaching it to the handle of the smaller brush. This exclusive design protects the smaller brush head from damage and debris, keeping it clean and safe for eye area contact.

The brush, “Lock In Your Look Retractable” by Anisa International can adjust to 3 different levels, hence, the brush adapts to the different types of desired coverage.