Brushes: Asadal Beauty proposes two-, three- and four- in-one applicators!

The Korean firm Asadal Beauty has been grabbing all the attention for the past few months with its line of brushes, presented in two-, three- or four-in-one sets.

The company created in 1985 as a subsidiary of the Yongsan Brush Company belongs to the same owners, whose factory is located in Hebei, China and which now sells worldwide, some eight hundred thousand brushes per year, mostly in the United States (35%), Russia (25%) and Europe for the remainder. The main characteristic of Asadal Beauty, which employs in total, including the Shenzhen factory, some 150 employees, is that it sells directly to key global brand owners, only keeping a little less than 10% of its production for a few intermediaries. Second characteristic, an obsession for innovation. As proof, the development and marketing of a whole range of two-in-one, three-in-one and four-in-one brushes (Hidden Multi-Brush…, Duo and Triple Hidden Multi-Brush) thanks to which the company has managed to win over some top brands.

Make-up artists

“The know-how that we acquired through long term experience, explains David Son, General Manager, has enabled us to supply quality products to many recognized brands not only in Korea but also from around the world. Thanks to our consistent investments in R&D, we constantly strive to design ready to launch innovative products. Relying on our close partnership with make-up artists, we also try to develop new products or improve head shapes, paying close attention to their practical usability.”

Note that the firm also produces mascara brushes.