New brushes and applicators

COSMOGEN has designed a set of brushes for make-up professionals. The five brushes (loose powder, foundation, concealer, eye shadow with a dual “finish”, eyeliner) were designed for specific applications. The high density tufts are composed of a fine synthetic fibre with a natural appearance and whose exceptional qualities enable it to adapt to any make-up formulas. Soft to the touch, brushes offers an incredible sensoriality and the result upon application is perfect. For a perfect hygiene, this high-quality fibre is also washable.

FIRM’UP: a new applicator with dual functions.

Firm’Up is an original package designed by Cosmogen for formulas that require a dual function applicator:

– On one side, its fine textured or smooth spatula (SEBS or PE) distributes applies and the formula on the area to be treated with ultimate precision.

– On the other side, its 45° inclined zamac surface ensures the effectiveness of its application: It stimulates micro-circulation, tightens and smoothes the skin, lifts, and smoothes fine lines and facial micro-tensions. The dispensing of the formula is excellent and the cooling effect of zamac provides comfort and pleasure. FIRM’UP is ideal for skin care treatments in institutes.

Suitable for skincare treatments such as: Eye contour, lip contour, anti-wrinkles treatment, spot or D-scar treatment, lip balm…

Squeeze’N Clean is a new application solution for hygiene and care products.

Its bi-injected and ergonomic top consists of a surface that is covered with flexible spikes, made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

It allows for a uniform application of the formula and then exfoliates and cleanses the face or body while respecting the skin. Squeeze’N Clean provides a pleasant sense of well-being.

Like for the whole Squeeze’N range, its patented open/close rotary head prevents contamination and preserves the skincare or hygiene formula. Cosmogen offers always more practical and innovative application solutions around a strong concept: pleasure skincare treatments.