Pressing of cosmetique powders: Nastri-Tex proposes “frame”, a new 3d textile!

Nastri-Tex, the Italian firm based in Busto Arsizio, very close to the Malpensa International airport, in the Milan area, has been offering in the past few weeks a brand new product, “Frame” derived from a new technology, which makes it now possible to produce “powder compacts with engravings” without needing to use a specific mechanic mould. The pressing textile ribbon itself becomes the mould; you can choose whatever picture you desire. Explanations are given to us by Federico Mocchetti and Elisabetta Albizzati, from the Marketing and Sales Department.

MakeUp in…™: What is “Frame” exactly?

Federico Mocchetti: The “Frame” technology is a patent pending new way to produce “powder compacts with engravings” without a specific mechanic mould. The pressing textile ribbon itself becomes a mould; you can choose whatever picture you desire.

MakeUp in…™: What are the advantages with respect to the traditional engraving methods?

Elisabetta Albizzati: You can use a single, standard, plain mould, without any set-up of your machine and not depending on the size of your godet. This special ribbon allows to press very easily your finished engraved product and you can create your marketing image very quickly for small quantities and special orders by avoiding the cost of a mould.

MakeUp in…™: Well, these are significant advantages…., and what else?

Federico Mocchetti: You can achieve really better-defined borders of your images or logos or whatever picture you need, even in the most complex shapes.

MakeUp in…™: Is it comparable to laser technology?

Federico Mocchetti: Yes, sure but the process is cheaper, completely within your production department, entirely “cold-made”, thus not causing any undesirable alterations of the chemical components of your formulas.

MakeUp in…™: A few words about Nastri-Tex!

Elisabetta Albizzati: Nastri-Tex was founded in 1980 and ever since works alongside the emerging Italian cosmetic industry as a supplier of technological textile for cosmetic powder presses.

Nastri-Tex in the 2000’s consolidated its international role as supplier of the world’s most important cosmetic companies, as well as becoming a partner in the trade with manufacturers of cosmetic machines, exporting textiles and services in Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Since 2004 Nastri-Tex, through a vertical integration, has been directly controlling all stages of the production process, from the supplying of technical yarn to the textile finishing made according to customer specifications.

In 2006 Nastri-Tex set up a testing laboratory to provide customers with an advisory service on the proper use of textiles. In 2009, an independent test institute of the International Oeko-Tex® Association, with its tests for harmful substances certified that Nastri-Tex’s textiles posed no risk whatsoever to health. In 2011 Nastri-Tex moved to its 2,000 sqm environmentally friendly new plant; important investments are made to develop and implement the overall commitment to Total Service. Through a know-how accumulated in 30 years in the business, Nastri-Tex offers a professional team full of passion.

MakeUp in…™: Some key figures about your company!

Federico Mocchetti: Our turnover amounted last year to 4.2 million euros. Each year we produce some 115 tonnes of yarns, 13.2 millions meters of ribbons. We serve 130 customers in 25 different countries and we are quite proud of our new ultra-modern headquarters of 2,000 sqm. Every year we invest 1.5% of our turnover in research and development.