The luxury accessory that enhances make-up

Make-Up in…, taking interest in a famous make-up accessory, the powder puff, has interviewed the company La Fée de Paris who has been making powder puffs out of Swan down since 1924. Puffs were used by the nobility to whiten the skin with rice powder. It is used nowadays to apply loose powders. We met Jean-François Perier, Head of the company since September 2013.

MakeUp in…™: La Fée de Paris manufactures powder puffs made of swan down. How do they differ from other powder applicators?

Jean-François Perier: In recent decades uses have changed for brushes or cotton applicators but the swan down puff remains the make-up tool that offers an unparalleled coverage on the skin, according to the greatest make-up artists. It provides a supple and optimal application thanks to its pure texture.

Swan down puffs are unique, precious and offer incomparable softness and lightness. When we want our clients to test them, we just place a puff in the open palm of their hand. Eyes closed, they cannot manage to feel the presence of a puff in their palms. We like to say that the powder puff is as light and soft as the breath of a fairy, hence the name of our company.

It is a natural product entirely hand made. It is a luxury product used by major cosmetic brands looking for a product that meets their requirements in terms of quality and efficiency. It definitely stands as a precious tool to enhance make-up.

MakeUp in…™: You took over the company in September 2013. What is your objective?

Jean-François Perier: La Fée de Paris is the last company in the world to make swan down puffs. We wanted to preserve this French heritage and give it a new breath of life.

We manufacture about 10,000 units per year, entirely by hand. We want to restore swan down puff to its former glory and heighten consumers’ awareness towards this high-end product to increase its use, because we believe it is ideal.

We want to develop our production, but also expand our range to other luxury products, like shave brushes with porcelain handles and perfume vaporizers, all of them hand decorated.

We also offer synthetic make-up sponges, vegetable sponges, and other make-up applicators. We also offer accessories for the hair, for example.

Our manufacturing site is located in Gagny in the Paris region, and for our products, we only use French material. We want to continue upholding this tradition and maintain this French cultural exception, to offer the best products to our customers.

MakeUp in…™: In what shape does this product come? Is it subject to a specific regulation?

Jean-François Perier: Puffs measure from 4 to 15 cm in diameter and are fitted with a retaining ribbon knot for the application. The texture is soft, and both compact and light. The puffs we produce come in different colours.

We also propose cotton or velvet-made puffs to complement our clients’ ranges.

It is a natural product, we follow strict manufacturing guidelines. As regards the distribution of the product and its legislation, the limits are those of countries prohibiting swan or goose down for example.