Artcosmetics: something new… continually!

30 million Euros in sales expected this year, that is three times more over 2009, 140 staff, 4 production sites, the Italian firm continues to accelerate its development. One motto “Innovation, Flexibility and Service.” The next MakeUp in Paris show will be the occasion to showcase several new products. Explanations by Fabrizio Buscaini, Senior Vice President Sales.

MakeUp in…™: ArtCosmetics was created in 1990! It can still be considered a young company!

Fabrizio Buscaini: It’s true! And the least we can say is that we enjoyed a fast development, especially since the early 2000s. Thus in 2002, thanks to its targeted commercial policy, Artcosmetics becomes an established manufacturer and milestone on the Italian market. En 2006, the increasingly vast and innovative range of formulas developed allows the company to promote its products on a worldwide scale. En 2007, the Lustrous generation is born and patented – and is an immediate success. En 2008, to satisfy the constant demands of its customers, the company opens two new and innovative manufacturing sites. At the same time, on the wave of the previous success two new products are patented: Cosmic Touch and Soft Glow. En 2009, through its in-house Quality Assurance function, Artcosmetics obtains the certificates UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and ECOCERT. In 2010, we open a Logistics Centre and a new functional manufacturing site. In 2011, Artcosmetics obtains the certificate GMP ISO 22716:2007. And finally in 2012, we open sales offices in NYC and Paris. Last year Art Cosmetics developed a new concept of product: AQUARELLO.

MakeUp in…™: A few key figures?

Fabrizio Buscaini: We can claim today more than 50,000 formulas. The annual bulk manufacturing capacity amounts to 1,600 tons/year, broken down as follows: Anhydrous 450 tons/year. Emulsions 650 tons/year. Powders 500 tons/year. The manufacturing capacity of Artcosmetics for semi-finished products is:
Anhydrous 44 million pieces/per year.
Emulsions 22 million pieces/per year.
Powders 44 million pieces/per year.
Baked powders 26.4 million pieces/per year.
The annual capacity of Artcosmetics is 136.40 millions of pieces. The capacity for assembly is the same that the semi-finished one.

MakeUp in…™: You owe a significant part of your development to your R&D department…

Fabrizio Buscaini: Foundation, eyeliner, primer, gel eyeshadow, mascara… Our laboratories create every year new formulas to satisfy all market demands and each customer specific needs. Highly qualified experts constantly in search of exclusive new raw materials and last-generation active ingredients: for products with really innovative claims.

Our powders production is divided in loose powders and compact ones. Originality, exclusivity, innovation in terms of concepts, customization: these are some of the pluses that characterized our powders on the market. The new products have to amaze the customer in terms of image, functionality, active principles and proved results. High performances and high qualitative standard are our baked products intrinsic characteristics. Two patented formulas and different textures with different makeup results and sensoriality make us a protagonist in manufacturing these kind of products. Eyeshadows, Powders, Bronzers and Blushers are produced with innovative methods. Thanks to high technical competences it is possible to obtain different effects, drawings and plays of light combining different colours, in this way is possible to create a unique and customized product.

MakeUp in…™: Latest innovation to date, “Aquarello!”!

Fabrizio Buscaini: “Aquarello” combines the sensoriality and the softness of a cream with a shiny release of colours and the long wearing properties of a baked product. The colours get extremely exalted and the result is a vibrant and shiny make up. A multitasking (multifunctional) product that can be used on eyes, face, lips and décolleté! “Aquarello” permits to develop new colours with fantasy, realize new make-up effects and new patterns for absolutely unique creations… and everything in just one pan! In this scenario research is the key to innovation and allows companies to create unique, patented products. In recent years Artcosmetics has patented three of its excellent formulas:

Cosmic Touch, a last generation pressed powder. This is the first ‘baked’ product made entirely without talc, paraben, oil, scent or binders, resulting in an ultra-light, silky texture.

Lustrous, a unique eyeshadow characterised by an unprecedented sensory touch. A pressed powder with a surprisingly soft texture that resembles a cream or mousse.

Soft Glow, a hybrid product that can take on any form, incredibly creamy, plastic and highly malleable.

MakeUp in…™: MakeUp in Paris will give you an opportunity to present more new products?

Fabrizio Buscaini: Absolutely! But my lips are sealed…. It you want to no more you will have to come and visit us at our stand!