Cosmax, the Korean group is opening two new factories…, in Indonesia and in the United States!

March 2012…, October 2013, in the course of eighteen months the business card of Cosmax the Korean group, specialized in the development, production and packaging of skin care and make-up formulas will have changed tremendously. One after the other, the Company has opened a new factory in Indonesia and has announced the start of a factory in the United States in Ohio. Amount of the Investment dedicated to the U.S. factory –a factory that will employ according to South Korean officials, four hundred people by the end of next year–, more than 20 million dollars. A factory whose production will focus mainly on the production of make-up and skincare products. Overview with Jay Kim, CEO of Cosmax International.

MakeUp in…™: The information we were the first to publish in March 2012 was accurate. Your international ambitions were real. The year that followed proved it with the launch last June of a factory in Indonesia and you have also announced the establishment, next year, of your first industrial site in the United States.

Jay Kim: That’s right! Indeed as written at the time, our international ambitions were quite real. Regarding the United States, it is clear that this new factory is meant to provide the U.S. market with “Made in USA” products, but not only. With this factory we also plan to supply South America and even Europe.

MakeUp in…™: Two new factories that complement an already consistent industrial fabric!

Jay Kim: Yes, and this deserves a few words as regards the history of Cosmax. The company was created in 1992. Over the past five years, our turnover has increased from USD 65 million to USD 410 million this year. We position ourselves as a total outsourcing company in both the skin care and make-up segment with a 50/50 distribution. 27% of our staff is fully dedicated to research and development. We particularly emphasise on our ability to create formulas and are proud to claim that 95% of products are manufactured from them. We have a full range of conformity certifications (CGMP in 1998, ISO 9001 in 2000, OHSAS 18001 in 2007). In addition to Indonesia, and soon the United States, we have three production sites running in Korea and two factories in China (the latest one was opened September last in Guangzhou on 27,000 sqm). In terms of production lines, the current capacity is consistent with 22 lines for skin-care (nearly 93,600 units/year), 21 for lipsticks (34,800 units/year), 4 for mascara (16,600 units/year) and 29 for powders (nearly 48,000 units/year).

MakeUp in…™: And obviously you have more plans in mind?

Jay Kim: Yes indeed! Industrially speaking, we will certainly be present in Europe in the next few years, but we first have to stabilize our new factories in China, Indonesia and the USA before we move further to Europe.