Libo Cosmetics: a brand new plant in china

The Taiwanese company, which will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, continues to specialize in packaging solutions dedicated to the cosmetic industry. Five years after inaugurating their brand new plant near the city of Changhua in Taiwan, managers at Libo Cosmetics have just started to run a new unit in Mainland China covering an area of 40,000 m2. A second unit which is three times larger than the first one, which was also located on the same plot and which has become obsolete. It is mainly specialized in injection, assembly, and decoration of packagings intended for the make-up segment.


From left to right : Maggie Hsu, Project Manager; Janice Hsu, vice president of sales; Chloe Lin, Senior project manager.

700 employees, a turnover that exceeded last year’s $ 30 million, two brand new factories, one in China specialized in injection, processing and assembly of plastic parts, the other in Taiwan, is more “metal” oriented with no less than thirteen-press transfer and the construction in short coming future of a new building to house a complete anodizing line… the growth of Libo Cosmetics, a fully private company, remains a model of its kind. Main products manufactured: make-up cases (18 million units annually), of course, but also of lipstick tubes (33 million units per year), mascaras, lipgloss and jars. An “ultra” specialization which is bearing fruit, since the firm can boast supplying some of the top international brands in the cosmetic sector. To note the recent development and commercialization of a Cushion-type case.

Full Service

“We work with companies worldwide, says Janice Hsu, Vice President of sales, but the solutions we offer all have three things in common: very high quality, competitive prices and excellent service. With facilities worldwide, we have taken care to ensure each location specializes in different elements for the best results possible. Our Taiwanese facilities produce mostly aluminum luxury items and specialty lipstick containers while our Chinese branch tends to produce plastic solutions and offer secondary/tertiary processing and decorating (silk-screening, hot-stamping, metallizing, and more). Our U.S. satellite offices set up the bulk of our deals.

One of the primary reasons behind our success is the fact that we focus on offering one of the most comprehensive suites of decoration services around, including silk-screening, hot stamping, metallizing, embossing, and more. We only offer outstanding service tailored to meet our clients’ highest requirements, and as such, our products can be found in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We can take just about any design and take a packaging project right from the initial consultation phase, through to full product and branding design, all the way to production and delivery. We work hard to develop innovative products to meet the needs of our customers and consumers, and guarantee complete client satisfaction.”

Innovation at the “heart”!

On the industrial side, Libo Cosmetics now owns on both Chinese and Taiwanese facilities a total of 65 injection machines. The company has a clean room for the manufacturing of packagings that necessitate zero tolerance towards contaminants. The group has its own mould manufacturing workshop.

In Taiwan, the factory specialized mainly in metal parts processing is home to 13 transfer presses and should see in a short coming future the addition of a new building to house an anodizing line.

“We firmly believe that creating great packaging isn’t a question of luck, insists Maggie Hsu, Project Manager. It is the result of a process, which consists in developing innovative solutions and implementing them. To that end, we have made sure to run through all of our business, manufacturing, and quality control processes to obtain applicable certifications through the AFAQ, as a proof of our commitment. Possibilities for innovation are endless, and we are always ready to meet the requirements of our customers with new solutions.

Our service does not stop with the shipment of products. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers. For both one-off and ongoing partnerships, we make sure to do rigorous quality checks to ensure complete client satisfaction. To note that whatever is discussed at Libo stays at Libo. We deal with a lot of high profile, international brand owners and we want to make sure that they trust us enough to bring us their ideas at the earliest stages of development. All of our clients value our discretion, honesty, and our commitment to getting projects done on time and within budget, without fail.”