Molecular Cosmetics

ITIT Cosmetics invites you to a continuous illusion of your senses. By stimulating, surprising and fascinating them. Cultivating the conviction that nothing has prefixed barriers, that everything can be overcome, everything can be reinvented. Even in the cosmetic world.

Their mission is to propose new methods of production and of cosmetic application on the skin. Set a new relation between the customer and his own cosmetic product, being revolutionary every day, reinventing in a modern and original way the simple daily gesture and changing rooted habits.

That’s molecular cosmetics. Not destroying the tradition, but increasing its value. Valorizing natural ingredients and high quality raw materials. Focusing on the wellness of people. Creating new textures and the so called “microscopic architectures”.

iTiT Cosmetics proposes you to enter into molecular cosmetic, where chemistry unveils its mysterious and fanciful side.

Encapsulating a world rich in fragrances, colors and active principles, and with one only gesture freeing them. The little ball settles on the skin and needs only a light pressure with the fingers. The walls melt down and release on the body a color that settles delicately, a delicate fragrance and a mix of active principles that take care of the face. Suitable for creams, cleansers and lipgloss.

Playing with molecules, destroying the links, with one only simple daily gesture, and in a few minutes discovering the surprise! Imagine a fluid initially viscous that changes its state and becomes liquid. A change that lasts some minutes, enough to apply the product in two different face zones, and that returns back to its own original state.