United Brands Marketing: a new state of the art industrial tool!

More than 2.5 million Euros in two years time! This is the amount of investments made by this German firm specialized in the manufacture of cosmetics pencils and applicators. Resulting in a production capacity of more than 500,000 pcs/day in two shifts and a turnover this year which is expected to exceed 7 million euros. Overview with Ivonne Kohen, Sales and Marketing Director.

MakeUp in…™: You have heavily invested in the last few months!

Ivonne Kohen: It was crucial! We had to be up to our customers’ technical and commercial expectations. It started with the construction of a brand new production site with both a comprehensive reorganization of the premises that we already owned and with a extension of the existing premises, all this with an upgrading to international standards for the manufacturing of both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. After the premises, we focused on machines, with new assembly and filling machines for our pens and our applicators, bringing the population of our manufacturing equipment to six lines in total plus twelve decoration machines including a new screen printing machine. Resulting in a production capacity of 500,000 pieces per day. In one year, the production was increased twofold.

MakeUp in…™: Your turnover is going to make a quantum leap!

Ivonne Kohen: Quite a leap indeed since we will have actually increased our sales from 4 million euros in 2012 to nearly 10 million by the end of next year. But it is not so much the figures that are important, but rather our technical capacity and the quality that we have reached which is are the most important. And with keeping of course, the same philosophy that guides us, namely flexibility and service. Today we can say that we can deliver in six week’s time more than three million eyeliners.

MakeUp in…™: One of your strengths is the integrated manufacturing!

Ivonne Kohen: Absolutely! What is important in our business is to be able to provide our customers with a vast array of different textures and shades. Just think that we currently manage more than 130 colours in a month. Don’t forget that for more than twenty years we have been manufacturing and distributing natural semi permanent pens worldwide. Our range of pens includes Eyeliners, Lipliners, Lipsticks, Eyebrow pens, Tattoo stamps, Correctors, and Nail Care pens. We are indeed capable of creating products from A to Z. Our team will work with the customer in selecting products, deciding on colours and choosing formulas. The customer can make his choice from our range of standard colours or we can create shades specifically for him at no extra cost. Then we individualize each product with a logo and design using our in-house printing capabilities. We work according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Our new factory exceeds EU guidelines for cosmetic regulations and complies with the strict hygiene standards in the pharmaceutical industry. And I would like to add that all our pens can be recycled as they are made from Polypropylene (PP). We only use natural dyes for our inks (the same ones as in food products).

MakeUp in…™: A few words about the product you will be showcasing at MakeUp in New York?

Ivonne Kohen: Of course, we will be presenting our full range of products on our stand. And in particular, we are proud to launch our world novelties, like DUO liner pen with a two-color ink system, the tattoo stamp pen and the xs eyeliner. The DUO liner pen with a two-color ink system will give you the possibility to combine two different products in one pen. This innovative product will provide you with more makeup options than ever. Whether you want to have eyeliner and a lip liner, lipstick and a lip liner, eyeliner and an eyebrow in one pen it is entirely up to you. With the two-color-ink-system and different applicators this pen makes all combinations possible. For classical or extravagant styling…it does it all. One pen for all styles!

About the TATTOO STAMP PEN, United Brands is the first cosmetic company to develop this product. It was first released in a MONO packaging with a tip on only one side. Shortly after it was developed and is now available in DUO packaging with tips on both sides. This allows a great variety of possible designs and combinations. You can place cute stars and hearts on your face and body with only one pen. There are plenty of available designs- smiley, heart, star, skull, anchor and many more. It can be used for concert, festivals, and parties, on New Year, Halloween, or whenever you want to feel like a star. Children will simply love this product for Halloween parties, Children’s Birthday parties, and whenever your child wants to feel special. The TATTOO STAMP PEN is available in 24h formula and now also in our new WATERPROOF formula.

Our XS Eyeliner with G-type…there are many words in which one can describe this product but we all agree on one thought: “Cute as hell”! The new XS Jumbo Eyeliner pen is something that every woman will soon have in her bag. Why? It is handy, it is now available also with a waterproof formula, and the G-type tip draws fine as well as thick line. The xs Jumbo Eyeliner is available in 125 shades. The formulas are 100% alcohol, Nano & Paraben free – conform to EU & FDA cosmetic standards.

We are also launching our new product for nail line: our 2 in 1 Cuticle Repair & Trimmer! This pen is more than the regular cuticle pen you can find on the market. It makes the treatment of quickly growing, dry, and damaged cuticles fast and easy. It is all you need to achieve healthy nail growth. Useful for any beauty and health care routine: keeping your cuticles soft & preventing dry cuticles. With the soft part of the tip to apply the oil and soften the cuticles and with the blue harder part of the tip push the cuticles away from the nail. Because of the high quality of its unique tip it can be used multiple times without any need for change of the tip. The pen’s luxury design will turn it into every girl’s first choice!

To note also our Make-Up Remover Pen XL that can be summarized by the formula “Refresh your makeup in one minute!” Hence, it’s possible to remove only the eye make-up without wetting the whole face with a standard cleanser. Save time… you can refresh your eyes or simply change your look in extremely short time! The Make-Up Remover Pen XL Jumbo is ideal to remove maquillage delicately and thoroughly, without being oily. With our innovative remover pen it’s easy to quickly erase eye and lip makeup mistakes even semi-permanent and long-lasting formulas. It’s a perfect product for women’s makeup routine! Convenient, practical, quick and easy to handle! Correct or remove make-up smudges, smears and mistakes without having to take off the rest of the make-up! The soft applicator provides a very clean, precise and simple removal of the makeup. No matter if it is mascara, eye-shadow, or semi-permanent make-up. The black applicator guaranties always a fresh look and accurate removal even after its use. Its colorless formula is alcohol, silicon and paraben free!