Astor: eight launches in ten months!

At a rate of eight launches in the space of ten months, and some interesting novelties, Astor, one of Coty’s “flagship” make-up brands has clearly accelerated its expansion strategy on the European continent. Of German origin, number one in Spain, Astor is also about to write a new page in its history with the appointment of the international supermodel Heidi Klum as its new face and artistic consultant. Explanations by Stephen C. Mormoris, Coty Beauty Global Marketing Senior Vice President.

MakeUp in…™: A few words on the brand itself and its history?

Stephen C.Mormoris: Surfing on the post-war economic boom and women’s desire to be colourful and fashionable again, ASTOR was launched in 1952. Our name was inspired from the Astor family, who founded New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria hotel and were originally from the German town of Waldorf.

Since then, ASTOR has grown to be one of the leaders in the European cosmetics market by remaining focused on innovative and reliable products. Our colours have continuously set trends over the decades and enabled generations of women to live their beauty to the fullest. Ever since its creation, ASTOR has wanted to help women look and feel beautiful, and experience how beautiful it is to be yourself.

MakeUp in…™: In other words?

Stephen C.Mormoris: ASTOR is a make-up brand designed to help women highlight their personal beauty and find their own personal style, which is perfectly summarized in our slogan: “Live your beauty”.

It is all about the pleasure of feeling beautiful and confident; it is about the beautiful moments of life. Above all it is about how beautiful it is to be a woman — the one you are. Simply because beauty needs to be alive and deserves to be lived!

MakeUp in…™: What are the main drivers best identifying the brand?

Stephen C.Mormoris: They can be summarized by words like “fashion, innovation, lively”! Throughout the years, ASTOR has been a colour leader, with shades that are always in tune with women’s expectations. Our goal is helping each woman to select what suits her best. We highlight every woman’s own personal style rather than force a unilateral diktat: the trend is always multiple, every woman can play with it to her advantage! Today, more than ever, we develop fashion colour collections in line with current trends, with our new artistic advisor and fashion expert Heidi Klum, to offer products that are always in tune with the latest trends on the market.

Behind the scenes, make-up experts, dermatologists and designers never stop innovating. Our R&D teams in Monaco and Morris Plains (NJ) elaborate formulas for each skin type guaranteeing an exceptional result for each woman. New concepts, new technologies, ingenious new packaging, innovative formulas, exclusive ingredients and amazing textures all deliver genuine ASTOR performance. The kind of innovation women expect…together with an extra dose of care and effectiveness for a technology that makes sense.

If ASTOR products have appealed to women for years it’s surely because of their distinctive and modern elegance and a special focus on clever details: ASTOR packagings are always designed so make-up sessions are a pleasurable, beautiful, joyful ritual… We also want to focus on colour and texture because makeup is all about having fun, being surprised, finding the latest product to create your own look. Finally each woman is unique and different, with her multiple facets — mother, wife and daughter, seductress and business woman, in the intimacy of their home and out for party… Each woman is fantastic, full of multiple talents: her moods change and her emotions too…We seek to offer to every woman the possibility to live beauty her own way. We develop cosmetics for every style and we want to invite every woman to live their own beauty so that every make-up session is a real pleasure.

MakeUp in…™: You were mentioning innovation….Can you give us a few examples?

Stephen C.Mormoris: Sure, it’s easy. We can talk for example of our new Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter. Intense colours, incredible comfort, lustrous shine…. Delivering the colour and wear of a lipstick, the moisture of a balm and the shine of a gloss. It is the ultimate all-in-one for lips in the most convenient format. Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter has a pigment-rich formula that delivers deep colour intensity. The super-glossy, high-shine finish adds an extra touch of glamour. Creating the perfect pout couldn’t be simpler. Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter conveniently comes in a clever pack with a unique slanted tip for an easy and precise application. Just like a regular lipstick, the bullet emerges when the base is turned. With one stroke, the smooth colour glides on instantly and evenly to give full, flawless coverage.

We can mention also our new Big & Beautiful LovelyDoll Mascara which creates a super-cute yet irresistibly sexy doll look with unfeasibly large, defined lashes fanned all around the eyes. How? It’s all down to the advanced formulation and new-look brush. First, the unique creamy texture, infused with plumping collagen and vegetable waxes, amplifies and beautifies lashes day after day. Second, the innovatively-shaped LovelyDoll brush has a flat section to plump lashes, whilst the ball tip lifts, curls and sculpts lashes to create that perfectly defined doll look. No lash is left untouched, the brush applicator is cleverly designed to intensify your corner and bottom lashes for maximum seductive effect.

MakeUp in…™: The active presence of your Make-Up Artist, Heidi Klum, is an important element in your strategy?

Stephen C.Mormoris: Indeed, today, ASTOR writes a new page in its history with the arrival of the internationally successful top model Heidi Klum as the new face and artistic advisor of the brand. Heidi advises us on the development of a new generation of modern make-up, with its so trendy shades and collections. We chose to collaborate with Heidi Klum for her beauty, her strong personality and her talent. She is not only an internationally successful model, multi-talented television host and producer, actress, fashion designer and certainly an astute business woman but also a real woman. A mother of four, a passionate woman with a great sense of humour, grounded in being herself, true to her roots and true to life. Heidi will be involved in the design of product collections inspired by the latest runway trends, and she also appears in our advertising campaigns.

We are delighted that Heidi Klum will be representing ASTOR, especially at such a time in the brand’s development as it moves forward with a new visual identity. Heidi perfectly represents our signature: “Live your beauty”!

Heidi Klum was an obvious choice for us to be brand ambassador for ASTOR. Her beauty is glamorous and feminine but she’s also down to earth and approachable. She is an inspirational role model for women of all ages and the fashion influences she’ll be able to bring will be very of great value to us.