Etam launches its beauty range

Lingerie and ready-to-wear brand Etam has launched Push Up Your Beauty, its first range of cosmetics and beauty products.The range includes bath, body and make-up products plus accessories with colour ranges and names evocative of the brand’s own particular universe, like the Balconnet de Cils “half-cup” mascara and the Paréo de Teint “pareo” powder.

Revealed on the brand’s web store last October, the range will be available this year at some 40 Etam points of sale in France. There are more than 600 different products manufactured in-house and formulated in collaboration with European suppliers.

At affordable prices, ranging from €3.90 to €14.90, the blushers, eye shadows, powders, nail polish and lipsticks come in a wide range of colours and effects and in environmentally-friendly packaging.

A line dedicated to neck and shoulder beauty is expected to round out what is a true beauty range, one that has expanded Etam’s business in a universe related closely to lingerie.

Having started out as a family business founded in 1916, the Etam Group today generates sales of €2.5 billion in lingerie in France, which remains its main market. According to Laurent Milchior, Co-Manager of Etam, combining lingerie with a beauty line should help boost the Group’s international development and generate significant additional turnover of the order of 10 to 20% at some points of sale.