How to find the right foundation?

Boots. No7 Foundation Match Made ServiceFinding a foundation with the right colour, texture, skin benefits and finish that really work, is undoubtedly one of the most difficult beauty challenges. Hence the Boots team has developed the No7 Foundation Match Made Service – a new way for women to find their perfect foundation match.

The free service consists of a hand held device that is rested against the jaw line to assess the exact tone of the skin in minutes to match it to a range of No7 skin-true shades. The device measures the four precise colour values of the skin: saturation, intensity, colour and tone.

During more than four years of research, the No7 experts at Boots tested the skin of over 2,600 women to find the shades that truly represent women’s skin globally. The new skin-true shades are available across the No7 Foundation collection in a range of finishes and textures.

Dean Thompson, Managing Director, Boots International, said: “The Boots experts are committed to understanding women’s beauty needs, and every new innovation is based on meeting those needs. Choosing the right foundation can be one of the most difficult beauty challenges, which is why our experts devoted four years to develop and create the No7 Foundation Match Made Service, which we believe will revolutionise the face of foundation.”

Some facts on the No7 Foundation Match Made Service:

– Boots has now launched the No7 Foundation Match Made Service in six markets; the UK, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, the Gulf, Norway and The Netherlands.

– In the UK and ROI, the No7 Foundation Match Made Service has already helped more than one million([Data from Boots UK and ROI from 5 Sept 2012 – 8 July 2013)] women find their perfect foundation shade.

– Following the launch of the No7 Foundation Match Made Service, the UK and ROI have since also introduced No7 Match Made Concealers.

Women tend to be quite loyal to their foundation since it’s hard to find the perfect one. And a previous survey from Boots revealed that 78% of women would be willing to change their foundation if they were able to find a colour that was more suitable to their skin tone. The device is revolutionary since it offers a technology that helps choose the right colour within the 14 shades of the No7 range of foundations (powders, cream, etc).

The market is looking for more natural looks, with more educational practices and personalised services. It seems that Boots is answering a trend that may change the way consumers select beauty products.

The service has been launched 18 months ago and the device is available at selected stores within the Boots network.