In times of intangible, “faces” still play a part

In times of intangible things, brand ambassadors still have a role to play.

The actresses, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart, the former for L’Oréal Professionnel, the latter for Chanel and the pop singer Rihanna for MAC are among the 2014 “faces”.

In 1937, Coco Chanel, herself, acted as the “face” for her perfume adverts, since then, it is Chanel No. 5, which has relied on the most iconic ambassadors, actresses or top models and recently a male ambassador with the American actor Brad Pitt.

For L’Oréal, “faces” are part of the brand’s DNA, to such a point that 13 of them–who had successively represented it– took part to the creation of the line Color Riche Collection Privée. This collaboration was staged in a film presenting the collection, which was shot in 2013 during the Cannes Film Festival.

MAC considers its “faces” as fully fledged collaborators who put their style and sensitivity to the service of the brand’s various dimensions for the development and promotion of collections. After the lipstick Woo, Rihanna also imagined the lipstick Lipglass as part of the VIVA GLAM collection with a particular focus on the texture so that it meets the needs of a wide panel of users; sales generated by the VIVA GLAM products going in full to the “M.A.C AIDS Fund.” Created in 1994, this fund participates in the brand’s action in the fight against AIDS, which has already raised more than USD 300 million.