Make Up For Ever launches PRO FINISH, the versatile, multi-use compact foundation!

A flawless complexion in two minutes? Whether backstage or in the studio, is a real challenge,” explains Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER. “That’s the challenge I was asked to takle by professional makeup artists. I wanted a flawless complexion to be within reach for all women who seek immaculate results. I designed PRO FINISH for them. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t require any special techniques; it can take care of everything in just two minutes. The results are instant and the finish flawless—and very long lasting. It’s THE essential product to carry with you at all times, as make-up artists already know!” Dany Sanz tells us more….

MakeUp in…™: PRO FINISH has two essential qualities: it is quick to apply and serves many different functions. Which was your priority?

Dany Sanz: Both. A product that takes too long to apply is useless to both professional make-up artists and consumers. Make-up needs to go on fast, and especially when it produces the desired result of an instant transformation, there’s nothing more gratifying. That’s what I tried to do, and I think I’ve succeeded… but it took years to get here!

MakeUp in…™: The MAKE UP FOR EVER line is already very comprehensive; what’s so different about PRO FINISH?

Dany Sanz: It’s the first compact powder that can be used wet. We spent a long time trying to develop a product that was both wet and powdery, without success. New technologies and increasingly sophisticated ingredients finally allowed me to achieve what I had set out to do.

MakeUp in…™: And why did you want that wet effect?

Dany Sanz: To meet the full range of expectations and produce even more effects: Varying levels of coverage with a natural look and easy, invisible layering, for perfectionists and touch-ups. I like versatile products, you could say they’re my trademark. Just a bit of PRO FINISH blended on your sponge and you have a flawless, even complexion. When it dries, just a few seconds later, the powdery finish appears. It’s a real technical tour de force, including the appearance of the results: many products leave sediment, becoming grainy and greyish when they get wet. This product, on the other hand, produces a very delicate, attractive, clean result.

MakeUp in…™: Depending on how it’s used, is it for day or night?

Dany Sanz: Both. What’s so remarkable about PRO FINISH is that you can adapt and rework it 4 or 5 times during the day for different effects—not counting touch-ups. It can be used for anything, from a very sheer, barely damp layer for beautiful skin that just needs to even out its complexion slightly, to a more sophisticated dry application for women who need to hide minor blemishes or a shiny nose, to a doll-like complexion for the evening under artificial lights… There’s no need to go home to reapply makeup; women can even spray on a slight mist of water, because the pigments already on the skin are soluble and can be redistributed as needed. Being able to do that is very rare. PRO FINISH really can do anything, all while staying light and allowing for complete freedom. It’s the foundation compact for today, the ultimate portable product that can be used in the car, at the office, or anywhere at all. Easy to carry, easy to use, and always effective, it’s a perfect match for our modern lifestyle.

MakeUp in…™: Its formula was designed entirely in-house based on research from Dany’s Lab?

Dany Sanz: Absolutely! It is unique and its pigments are patented. Its designer, R&D Manager Richard Girousse, has been translating Dany Sanz’s creative ideas into formulas for 20 years. He spent 6 years perfecting the highly complex formula for PRO FINISH and creating the most practical compact foundation for professional make-up artists and all women. The resulting product, a foundation and all-in-one powder, can be used wet or dry.

For the first time, MAKE UP FOR EVER has coated its pigments in plant lecithin. This unique, patented treatment works similarly to skin ceramides, allowing for perfect osmosis. Professionals will appreciate the many benefits of this approach: The texture can be transformed as desired, from dry to wet and back again, without becoming waxy or ‘pilling’; it can be applied in an infinite number of ways, allowing for buildable coverage in any combination; and it offers flawless adherence, for long-lasting wear without a mask-like effect.

MakeUp in…™: A formula that contains 45% less talc?

Dany Sanz: Talc powder is generally used in generous quantities, but it has the unfortunate effect of sticking to the skin which prevents light from reflecting, creates unevenness, and causes skin to look chalky over time. PRO FINISH has 45% less talc, making up the difference with a combination of exceptional powders: Matifying nylon powder acts like a micro-sponge to absorb excess sebum; sericite, with its regular, ultra-light lamellar structure, creates a soft focus effect and reflects light for a glowing, perfectly even complexion; and spherical, ultra-soft silica powder diffuses light for lastingly radiant colour.

MakeUp in…™: You have also introduced skincare ingredients?

Dany Sanz: Nourishing ximenia oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help to keep the skin supple and elastic. Aloe vera contains polysaccharides, vitamins, and amino acids found in the skin, helping it moisturize and soothe. Hyaluronic acid absorbs water and forms a protective film that preserves the skin’s natural moisture. Never before has skin been so effectively treated, soft, supple, and incredibly comfortable with a compact powder foundation. Even better: PRO FINISH contains no parabens, mineral oils, or fragrance.

MakeUp in…™: Even the sponge is new! The compact too!

Dany Sanz: It had to be this sponge and no other, not an accessory just for the sake of an accessory. Something truly effective! The PRO FINISH sponge is a technical marvel made of Celfine, a high-tech, exclusive noble material that can achieve optimum application either wet or dry. This ‘skin’ sponge has tiny pores, and it is soft and supple just like facial skin. It also creates a ‘water reservoir’—when damp, its cells can hold enough water to emulsify the product and deliver just the right dose. Invisible technology: the sponge is flexible and incredibly precise, with a wide diameter that can be smoothed over the entire face, blending to achieve the desired result. Glossy black, circular and rounded, extremely light yet solid, the ergonomic compact case slips easily into a pocket or handbag. It has two compartments, one for the compact and its large retouching mirror, and another aerated one for the sponge. PRO FINISH is written in white capital letters against the black background. The arrow is its symbol and emblem, a reference to the PRO ONLY logo used on MAKE UP FOR EVER’s professional products. Facing to the right, it creates a technical link between a status, PRO, and a result, FINISH, emphasizing the way the product invites all women to enjoy professional performance.