The brands’ agenda

Brands unveil their special Christmas 2013 collections

CHANEL with the “Nuit infinie” range, GIVENCHY with its palette “Ondulations d’or”, or YVES SAINT LAURENT with “Parisian Night” but also YVES ROCHER, PAUL & JOE, BOURJOIS… brands are unveiling their special Christmas 2013 collections. With shades of bronze, gold, silver, or purple with glittery or iridescent effects, blushes and eyeshadows are, with lipsticks the flagship products of these collections, which however, also include nail polishes.

For CHANEL eyeshadow palettes are adorned with embossed patterns recalling the brand’s iconic signature in the world of haute couture, namely the ‘matelassé’.

MAC: ongoing limited editions

With 18 limited editions in 2011, 36 in 2012 and more than 25 announced as of June 2013, MAC regularly encourages its customers to become real collectors.

With a frequency going beyond the calendar festivities and seasons, the brand offers as a limited edition, “Color Stories” but also exclusive collections designed by artists like the fashion illustrator Anja Kroencke in 2013 or icons like Lady Gaga in 2011 and 2012. Packaging, colours, its collections can suit a whole make-up line or limit itself to an accessory like make-up bags. MAC already announced for next year a collection honouring the “Mistress of Evil” a character in the new Disney film “Maleficent”, to be released in France in February 2014. Coming in a very limited edition, it will consist of 11 capsule products for the complexion, eyes, lips and nails in cold and dark tones.

Guerlain: a potential opening of 20 to 30 inner Paris boutiques

Laurent Boillot, CEO of Guerlain, the second brand of LVMH’s perfumes and cosmetics division recently declared during a press conference, his desire to help promote a unique heritage. He plans to extend both the proprietary boutiques, the distinctive sign of the brand, with the opening 20 to 30 stores in inner Paris, in the next five years and expand the network overseas.

LVMH: inauguration of a new perfumes & cosmetics research centre in Saint-Jean-de-Braye

Inaugurated on November 18, “Helios” is the new perfumes & cosmetics research centre of the LVMH Group.

On a campus of 18,000 sqm, designed by the architecture firm Arte Charpentier, it hosts nearly 300 researchers working for brands like Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy and Fresh. Skin is at the heart of their research activity in particular through the “Skinovalys” program signed in partnership with the Cosmetic Valley, the University of Orléans and the Regional Council of the Centre region. LVMH invested 30 million euros for the construction of this site.