What strategy for brands, the choice of…


What strategy for brands, the choice of innovation

Innovation has been the catch word of these past 10 years, sometimes overused, sometimes underused but always in response to a need for novelties to attract more new customers.

According to Valérie Jourdan from Promise Consulting, the most desirable make-up brand for women of all ages is Chanel with 57% of preference, followed by Dior 49% and Yves St Laurent 42%. Innovations are welcomed differently by clients from one continent to another. In Asia, European brands through the fashion culture that they convey make women fantasize. “Sonia Rykiel has its line of make-up in Japan,” illustrated Caroline Moulin from Nao Consulting. But the image of France can also be commercialized through gastronomy, Ladurée launched cosmetic products in Japan and then Singapore, with a very gourmand look.

A response to technological challenges

Depending of brands, creating new products can be a way of responding to scientific advances. On the Japanese market traditionally at the forefront in the use of latest technologies, make-up is connected to cameras: “in the latest Shiseido concept store in Tokyo, the customer can test her product in augmented reality,” explained Moulin. Mac for its part, proposes make-up products with the highest sunscreen and UV index (SPF 50 and PA + + +) which, according to Nicholas Gavrelis Vice President Global Product at Mac “is a technical challenge, but a necessary one. We regularly offer new products that come from our cooperation with scientific and artistic platforms.”

Integrate sustainable development

For other actors, taking into account the product’s impact on sustainable development is a source of innovation. Guerlain has for example marketed refillable mascaras packs. Combining functionality and aesthetics, these products meet a social demand for eco designed products.

Address the needs of consumers

Because obviously, products are launched with the hope of addressing as closely as possible the needs of consumers, whether conscious or unconscious. For Mac, every woman is unique and the goal of the brand is to have products for “all ages, all races and all sizes” exposed Nicole Masson, Vice President Global Product at Mac. Guerlain is focusing more particularly on the pack, an image vector and “enabling women to access luxury in an affordable way,” explained Elodie Suet, Group make-up packaging development Manager for Guerlain . Coty offers 2-in-1 foundations to achieve “a make-up result and an anti-wrinkle effect, a strong demand from consumers looking for more functionality,” said Barbara K.Scharrer international marketing Director at Astor, Coty Group. But not everything is possible, “there are some markets like perfume where women are not ready yet to accept a different gesture than the current one” concluded Suet.

The right product at the right time for the right target is one of the keys of the success of brands who must constantly keep in mind that tomorrow’s consumers are today’s young women.