Colours delight me !

MakeUp in…™: You belong to the “young generation” of make-up artists, what motivated you to want to join this profession?

Nicolas Bellino: I’ve been in the profession for only 6 years, which isn’t that long in the life of a make-up artist. Before that, I was involved in entertainment, as a singer in a cabaret for transformists in Brittany. Make-up was a means of achieving radical changes but I had absolutely no mastery regarding professional techniques. My revelation for the profession of make-up Artist emerged when I heard an interview of Dany Sanz, the founder of the Make Up For Ever Academy and when I attended the young creators’ festival in Dinard where I saw some absolutely stunning make-ups. From that moment, I knew I wanted to become a professional make-up artist.

MakeUp in…™: Events for you then seem to have happened fairly quickly: you were the make-up artist of a famous actor, made TV shows, press shows, you worked for big names in the fashion industry, participated in prestigious events like the Cannes festival, made the cover of magazines…

Nicolas Bellino: I try to put things in perspective, because in this profession, nothing happens just like that. You roughly need a dozen years to built a network of your own and be able to express your creativity freely enough. During the 10 months of training I took in 2007, at the Make-up For Ever Academy, I learned the techniques of make-up, those adapted to special effects since I also completed a training as a prosthetic technician. I was passionate for make-up, full of ideas, but without the slightest know-how to make them come true. These months were conductive for exchanging, sharing, building a professional network. For several years, I also had the opportunity to work as a make-up artist at the Make-up for Ever boutique rue de la Boétie, in Paris, which was the perfect spot to meet and learn in contact with artistic directors and famous make-up artists.

MakeUp in…™: What are your favourite make-ups and your sources of inspiration?

Nicolas Bellino: Colours delight me, colourful blushes, fuchsia pinks, shades of red are all sources for inspiration. I ‘m fascinated by eye-catching lips, lips that dare contrasts, the effects of materials. I like to transcend their basic form, make them disappear or add streaking effects like a representation of what can be observed inside the body.

MakeUp in…™: What is your insight of today’s and tomorrow’s make-up?

Nicolas Bellino: There will always be for make-up some classic immutable trends to meet seasonal needs. Summer time will be propitious to flashy colours and winter to darker colours. In the future, I would love to see more colours, more contrast, that women dare put emphasis on their beauty. Most of the time they don’t because they just don’t know how. Internet tutorials can be a great help for that at first. I also advocate a lot for men’s make-up. Some barriers need to be lifted, because for some, making-up would be a bit like losing one’s manhood, but you must remember that at the time of pharaohs, men wore much more make-up than women. Nevertheless, I have more men like CEOs, male personalities, coming to me and asking me to perform make-up on them to get a healthier look, hide dark circles or signs of fatigue. In which case, the work is more subtle with lighter materials. Men’s makeup has a bright future.