Givenchy Le Makeup: ten years already!

Next October, Nicolas Degennes Make-up and Colour Artistic Director for Parfums Givenchy since 1999, will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand “Givenchy Le Makeup.” A commemoration, he explained to MakeUp In, that will be a milestone in the history of the brand and which will be themed “Recreation”. An opportunity also to fully revisit the products and their packaging. Nicolas Degennes tells us more on himself and the brand…

MakeUp in…™: Let’s start with your professional experience! It is at the basis of all things, isn’t it?

Nicolas Degennes: The professional experience has an influence, it’s a fact. I often say that Givenchy Le Makeup catalyses today all my know how: performances, innovative textures, evolving colours, for creations each one more unique than the other. I first worked as a Make-up artist in studios, for parades, for feature and short films, then I was appointed in 1998 Artistic Director of the TV channel Canal + and then in charge of bakstages at the Césars (the French Oscars) and the Cannes Film Festival.

1999 is the year I started at Givenchy as Make-up and Colour Artistic Director.

MakeUp in…™: You had only signed for three years to start with?

Nicolas Degennes: Yes and that’s fourteen years ago! I first started concentrating on the Givenchy brand identity, the 4G logo, the symbolic notion of what this logo represented. Three years later, our collaboration had already gone too far and of course I couldn’t leave anymore.

Since that time, my role has gradually changed to radically transform itself and from MakeUp Artist, I am now assuming responsibilities as Artistic Director. I wanted to know and understand what was behind the creation of a product. How does it all start? With what chemists to you work? What can they bring you? How do you make a product? How far can you go with the packaging? I am involved in all facets of creation that have to do with the Givenchy make-up. My role is to work from the root of the product to its purpose, which to me, is the image. It’s awesome!

MakeUp in…™: All these years where collections succeeded collections, with some of them truly essential!

Nicolas Degennes: You’re referring to “Délice de chocolat” that maximized the senses, “Artycolor”, which was very positively welcomed in the press and in all markets where we operate, or “Diamantissime”, with its notion of make-up jewel, I liked to make a jewel out of the product through its application… We can also mention “Baby Lips” a true rush of blood on the lips, “Lash Pearls”, my eyelash pearls.

Make-up is not meant to be serious. The “poudre de visage 4G3D”. Terracotta, a material with which I really wanted to work, but it was also a technical challenge to achieve an in-bulk integration of the 4Gs in the product. As for “Phenomene’eyes”, we can really speak of a revolution. A real technical feat and also a great joy of having been so well understood by consumers.

MakeUp in…™: To each season its collection? The past few months were very “rich”! Pink and red….. and the same will go for the coming months…

Nicolas Degennes: Absolutely! The softness of the pink colour is at the core of Givenchy’s Over Rose collection. A pink colour presented in a range of shades to enhance all skin tones. Over Rose is a perfect foray into the spring and in summer seasons, for the eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. Because it’s time to see life in pink! Few colours reflect feminine fantasy with as much accuracy as pink. From lips reddened by a first kiss, to bits of strawberry ice cream at the surface of the tongue, or cheeks gradually hot with emotion. Pink is the first colour to which women naturally turn to, for a colourful touch of freshness.

On the side of lipsticks, Givenchy will be launching this season two new sizzling shades in two finishes. Rouge Interdit Shine with an Audacious Coral n° 34 shade, is a luxurious coral red that be worn at the height of its colour to achieve opulent, sexy and glossy lips, or applied in a thin and shaded layer for a more discreet, slightly shimmering effect. Rouge Interdit Glamorous Orange, n°64, is a red-orange, couture-inspired, bright and bold lipstick that glides effortlessly and perfectly on the lips.

Among the other “flagship” products, we can also mention “Mister Eraser”, it makes greasy zones matte in a single stroke, and eliminates the appearance of pores and fine lines. Easy to use, this chubby pencil glides on invisibly to eliminate the appearance of imperfections on your skin.

“Ombre Couture”, this creamy eyeshadow is not only as beautiful as a precious fabric, it also pampers your eyelids. Long-wear, waterproof, lightweight, the formula of “Ombre Couture”, which can be layered, offers endless possibilities.

MakeUp in…™: What do you have in mind for this big “recreation” scheduled October next?

Nicolas Degennes: I can’t obviously give you the full details, but it will be an opportunity to fully revisit the products and their packagings. You will see a new Lipstick and black will also be given a special attention!

MakeUp In: Care and make-up or make-up and care….Where is the line?

Nicolas Degennes: The line between make-up and skin care is becoming increasingly thinner. skincare products have some make-up properties and make-up products have some skincare properties. We work hand in hand with the people in charge of skincare products. We have been fortunate enough to be able to use, for the past few months, the new R&D centre of the LVMH Group, called Helios, located near Orléans, where more than 250 researchers work.

MakeUp in…™: Asia is more than ever a source of inspiration?

Nicolas Degennes: A great source of inspiration. I very often travel to China, South Korea and Japan. China is awakening more and more to make-up products while Europe tends to move away from them. I could paraphrase by saying that, to some extent, “Europe is losing its colours.”