Louise Wittlich or the art of beauty coaching

Louise Wittlich, a German born Make-Up Artist and beauty coaching specialist has been working in Paris since 1998 as a professional make-up artist for the international press. She has also developed a consulting activity in make-up and animates workshops on make-up. But she also created “LouiseLouise” her Beauty Coaching Company. She is also behind the creation of two lines in the Cosmetics Design range of Carrefour. She will be attending the forthcoming MakeUp in Paris. Story of a performance…

MakeUp in…™: Quite a varied career actually!

Louise Wittlich: You mentioned in your introduction. I was born in Germany but I’ve been working as a professional make-up artist in Paris since 1998 for international fashion magazines (Vogue, Glamour, Marie-Claire, Citizen K, Madame Figaro, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar)… I’ve also worked on many advertising campaigns (Benetton, Cartier, L’Oréal) and backstage at fashion shows (Fendi, Yves Saint-Laurent, Martin Margiela, Kenzo). But I also developed a consulting activity in make-up as part of film productions. Over time I got more and more requests to animate make-up workshops for private clients. In light of these experiments and observing many of them, I felt the need to give all women, not just a few privileged (models, celebrities, etc.), the keys to their personal beauty. This is how I came up with the idea to create LouiseLouise my Beauty Coaching Company.

MakeUp in…™: In what does your coaching consist?

Louise Wittlich: Smokey eyes, sensual lips, a glowing complexion. Asian, black or white, all women are different. They each have their own beauty and unique assets. The question remains as how to highlight them.

If I’m dealing with a beginner, I teach her the ABC of make-up. Foundations, concealers, blushers, lipsticks will become her best friends.

She already knows the basics and would like to refine her skills? I will show her the most sophisticated techniques, to master among others, the perfectly drawn (liquid) eyeliner, the nude or glowy foundation, like the ones they can see in magazines. With Beauty Coaching, I propose a unique experience of made-to-measure beauty advice, tips and specific gestures to irradiate.

MakeUp in…™: What is your method?

Louise Wittlich: Before we even begin to talk about blushers, shades, style and techniques you need to get to know the face, its shape, features, skin texture. Analysing the face close-up therefore is the first step of the Beauty Coaching, an essential basis for establishing a made-to-measure personal beauty plan. I therefore propose to explore the beauty features of the person by performing a detailed analysis of her skin type and of the structure of her face first. I also review her personality, lifestyle and her looks.

The idea behind being to establish a customized beauty plan that takes into account her desires and needs. Based on the results of the analysis and the profile thereby obtained, I’ll establish a detailed personal skin care and make-up plan, pointing out the products that are most appropriate to her skin type as well as the textures and colours that will sublimate the person while respecting her personality. I want to underline that as an independent make-up artist I am not linked to any particular brand. My goal is to advise the person on the best products and not to “sell” brands. Independence represents one of the fundamental principles of Beauty Coaching as I see it! The end with the compulsive buying of expensive beauty products that end up in the trash bin six months later. The end with risky choices of shades. Be it for everyday life or for special occasions like a party or a romantic dinner out, the person will finally be able to make the most of her own unique features.

MakeUp in…™: The next step you propose is the Beauty Workshop!

Louise Wittlich: The beauty workshop is the logical continuation of the two first steps, the putting into practice of the beauty plan. The opportunity to try out tips and tricks which will help the person find her own approach to her beauty once at home in front of her mirror. And she will see for herself how easy it is to make her own “smokey eyes” or perfect lips. We will also have a close look at her make-up bag in order to find out what’s missing and what’s superfluous. At the end of the Beauty Coaching session the person will be given her personal beauty handbook. A guide with step by step-sketches of her face being made up in different ways, and all the necessary explanations and tips she needs. With the help of this precious booklet the person will master everything she will have learned with me. Little by little, over time, each gesture will become a natural gesture and make up will hold no more mysteries for her.

MakeUp in…™: You have also worked on two lines of the Cosmétiques Design Paris range for Carrefour?

Louise Wittlich: Yes indeed, my role was to evaluate the range of products developed by other make-up artists – before my arrival in the team, to provide assurances on their quality and effectiveness, hence contributing to the evolution of the products to be displayed soon on the Carrefour shelves.