Max Herlant: what fascinates me is the gesture!

A true make-up magician, Max Herlant the make-up Artist of celebrities tells us about his expertise in using make-up to make people look younger and his involvement in the development of new applicators.

MakeUp in…™: You use make-up as an ally against time. What made you decide to develop this technique?

Max Herlant: The “youth and beauty capital” is a subject that fascinates me. Hence I have developed make-up techniques that allow women who do not rely on cosmetic surgery to look much younger. But I also work with plastic surgeons to advise some patients after their operation by helping them to change the way they make up because, what indicates the presence of a cosmetic procedure is a youthful look with a somewhat outdated figure.

MakeUp in…™: How did you develop this technique?

Max Herlant: I developed this technique telling myself that I was going to become a plastic surgeon with the help of my brushes. And unlike plastic surgery, if I make a mistake, I can remove everything and start over again. Make-up mostly requires having a good knowledge of products.

MakeUp in…™: What essential quality do you expect from a make-up product?

Max Herlant: What I’m looking for before all is invisibility. For example, what I really don’t like are over powdered complexions and I always add a touch of nacre in the foundation to reproduce the skin’s natural radiance. Make-up must provide a healthy look. This also means focusing on a make-up with a rejuvenating effect.

MakeUp in…™: What do you believe is the misstep in making up which tends to make you look older and that can easily be avoided?

Max Herlant: Some women have a tendency to hide behind their make-up. An excessive application of foundation or a misapplied blush will have the opposite effect to the one desired.

MakeUp in…™: What is the secret to look younger with the help of make-up?

Max Herlant: For me, the foundation is essential. It is important to experiment to find the right textures, the right shades that will sublimate the complexion. Finding the right foundation is like a pair of new shoes, you have to try them, walk with them a little to decide if you feel comfortable in them.

MakeUp in…™: What is the essential product to have on one’s bathroom shelf?

Max Herlant: Mascara because it will awaken a tired look. Even when I make up men, I always apply a little mascara because it gives a much more vivid look.

MakeUp in…™: What is the essential beauty gesture not to neglect?

Max Herlant: Make-up removal! And it is important not to neglect the make-up removal on eyelashes. The eye area being a very sensitive area, it is important to cleanse it gently.

MakeUp in…™: Is there an age to stop wearing make-up or a certain type of make-up?

Max Herlant: Make-up must evolve with the age of the person, her lifestyle, and the hardships of life. You don’t make up at 15 the way you make-up at 30.

MakeUp in…™: A make-up Artist is nothing without his brushes. How do you choose them?

Max Herlant: I attach great importance to brushes; actually, I’m a passionate collector. When I choose a brush, I make sure that the bristles are very dense. In addition, I take particular care to ensure that my tools are kept in a perfect condition. A clean brush will allow you to work in optimal conditions. Returning to the youth capital, my brushes are in a way my surgical instruments with which I will be working and shaping the face. But it’s not only the bristles of brushes that will enable to achieve a shaded effect, the gesture that accompanies the application also play a part. In fact, I designed my own brushes with a particular shape.

MakeUp in…™: You are also involved in the creation of product packagings.

Max Herlant: I continue to work on colour and make-up but what I’m really interested in today is the gesture itself. I now offer my professional expertise to brands to help them develop new types of applicators, be it a mascara brush or a lipstick applicator.

MakeUp in…™: How do you find new ideas?

Max Herlant: My career path is somewhat atypical since I started my career as a magician. When I became a make-up Artist, I kept the gestures in connection with my former job. This is what allows me today to have a precise gesture and manage to come up with new ideas for applicators. I also surround myself with teams who understand me and who understand the art of make-up. But the most important thing when working on a pack is to see things from the perspective of the woman who will be using the product. Today, women are looking for a professional result in the shortest possible time.