Michele Burke: “We all have our own personal beauty needs!”

After Paris, last June, Michele Burke will again be attending the third coming edition of MakeUp in NewYork on 25 and 26 September in partnership with GEKA.

Michele has never been one to limit herself. She’s accomplished in all areas of makeup: design and application, beauty and fashion spreads for print media as well as her signature character, prosthetic, fantasy and period work in feature films and television.

A native of Dublin, Ireland, Michele immigrated to Canada and started her make-up career after working as a model and producing fashion shows. Michele offered herself as a make-up apprentice on three films to kick off her career. . Michele currently resides in California, and continues to work worldwide.

MakeUp in…™: Can you briefly summarize your work philosophy??

Michele Burke: We all have our own personal beauty needs. We have to look at our faces and discover ourselves. Find one signature note or feature like eyes or lips and focus on that! Beauty and makeup is about self-discovery and the image we want others to see. We have to sift through all the information about cosmetic products and beauty tips and find out what suits us and what we need.

So, my philosophy is to focus on our best features, correcting what we can and ignoring what we can’t change without doing any harm or damage. Always be ready for evolution. Don’t get stuck in applying the same colors and looks all the time. Only follow trends if they look good on you. Go cautiously when you hear about chemical or surgical procedures to beautify yourself. Carefully consider the color and style of your hair. Taking great care of your skin and good grooming can make you look amazing !!

MakeUp in…™: You are one of the most versatile talents working worldwide today.

Michele Burke: I decided early on that I wanted to master all aspects of makeup. Not just beauty. Every time I’m contacted for work I face new challenges. I always welcome the challenge and encourage it. Many times this is the main reason that Producers, Directors and Actors/Actresses contact me. They want something that has never been done before or a new twist on a design.

MakeUp in…™: The movie industry which has awarded you Two Academy Awards and Six nominations owes you a lot! You began doing fashion and beauty makeup, but you felt like your real calling was in the movies. A few words on your work in this domain?

Michele Burke: The work is challenging, fast paced, exhausting and exhilarating. You need to trust your instincts and skills. You must be totally fearless and work high on a wire with no net. The world of film is totally collaborative and you need to feel comfortable in that environment. Not everyone is. Many people may have input on you makeup design. In addition, I have to be on my toes and pay attention to time constraints and budget. As the world of film marches quickly into the digital/HD age you have to be up on all of the latest cinematic techno advances and carefully select from the vast array of products that are available so that you work transfers properly to the big screen. You can however never forget the “art” of makeup as many get totally sidetracked by endless techniques and product selection.

MakeUp in…™: What are your upcoming projects?

Michele Burke: I have been working with GEKA for several years on the development of specialized lip and eye applicators ( many are currently being featured by the major Cosmetic lines). GEKA is an amazing company to collaborate with as “innovation” is in their “DNA” and is part of their mission statement. I’m also designing custom character makeups for two Broadway productions. This is a bit new for me and I am totally enjoying this platform for my work. In addition, I am also actively painting in oils on canvas and using this format as a creative expression/extension for my designs. When I have time I also lecture as well as teach select students. I will be teaching in Dublin, Ireland at IADT in 2014. I am also really looking forward to MakeUp in NewYork this year. I am preparing together with GEKA a visually exciting makeup design that is apropos to the show. I don’t think I will ever stop doing makeup for film or fashion because I see both as a form of art and creativity through which I constantly have a need to express myself. My fascination with people and characters will never end.