Two days of celebration at MakeUp in Paris

For its first edition, the MakeUParade brilliantly led by Jacques Pary delighted exhibitors and visitors who were attending the MakeUp in Paris 2013 show. The first day on the Red theme started with a theatrical parade organized by the talented students of the Make Up For Ever Academy. Refined costumes, extraordinary hairstyles, dramatic make-up, nothing was left to chance! The group paraded through the aisles of the show before joining the photocall for the jury’s vote. What a dilemma for our experts, Michele Burke, Mily, Sandra Maguarian, Damien Dufresne and Philippe Fagot!

Suspense filled the air… Finally a winner was singled out among the candidates: the first prize was awarded to the make-up Artist, Adrien Gateau and his model Ilaria Bolzoni. Thursday afternoon, with Red still as a lead, but this time a mystical, sacred, Red. The models made-up by the students of ITM appeared before our eyes as gods and goddesses descended from a reinvented Olympus. Headdresses, make-ups, costumes, body painting, recounting a story of mythology, harmony…. Congratulations to all! The jury singled out the whole group. And there was more for us on Friday certainly!

A Friday all dressed up in Blue. Blue, a universally loved colour, inspired the students from the SLA Academy. So much strength, so much creativity emerged from this parade, to the delight of exhibitors, visitors and members of the jury alike! Making a choice was difficult… no to say impossible… Again the jury awarded a collective price to all the students and their models. The success was total !

A last Blue parade of models and freelance make-up artists, organized by Aurélie Chevalier. The result was amazing! Makeup artists rivalled one another in talent. Models disappeared behind their characters: Columbine, a creature coming straight out from the ocean depths, or a Genie of the Lamp… Make-up artists used all means possible, mixed traditional make-up techniques, prosthesis or airbrush-guns for an incredible end result! The jury decided with the first prize goes to Alexandra Moulié and her model emerging from its abysmal depths Myrtille Roy, the second prize going to the make-up Artist Alban Jarossay – the prince of the airbrush-gun – and his Genie of the Lamp, Alex Fournier!

BRAVO to all models and make-up artists who managed with their talent and imagination to enchant the show and express the extreme richness of make-up!
We can’t wait to discover the next MakeUParade…