Asia, the new growth driver of make-up?

Current women’s magazines keep trying to decipher the phenomenon of BB creams.

These Blemish Balms or Blemish Bases that appeared in Korea more than 6 years ago, after certainly, originally seeing the light in Germany, have now created a real new segment on the global market. Indeed they enable to attract to the make-up of their complexion, women who were more adept of skincare and up to now reluctant to the idea of applying foundation.

It is thanks to China, who loves acronyms so much that these BB creams now come in CC creams (Color Corrector or Complete care) and very soon in DD creams (Daily Defence). Future will tell how far the variation will go.

Meanwhile other make-up segments are under the Asian influence:

– Mascara for example whose brush is all the first angle of attack. The first injected brushes emerged in Japan more than 15 years ago (i.e.,Fasio). Rotary brushes with batteries were created in Korea (i.e., Hera Mascara Magic launched in 2006). Today there is a fierce competition on the market for false eyelashes who are particularly appreciated for their ease of application, their hold (no more panda eyes problem!), their magnificent natural result, the possibility of removing them without going through the cleansing chore and even more, by having the possibility of reusing them the next day…. Mascara needs to show its smart side = a treatment formula that helps eyelash growth, a mini brush to catch all the tiny hairs each time, but also with new gestures and new generation silicone applicators or with mini and fun packagings…

– Nail polish and Nail Art whose store shelves are an inexhaustible source of customization (beads, glitters, stickers to print with the image of your choice…) have always been on the up and up in Asia. Store shelves have been proposing for several years all the ingredients to switch from “classical” acrylic polish to the Gel type Nail polish to polymerise with UVs at home: Mini UV lamp, top coat and coloured formulas for a real professional manicure at home with record prices (less than € 50 per kit).

– Foundations which are undergoing a small revolution (thanks to BB creams) as a result of new developments from the Amore Pacific Group namely the “Mist Cushions.” They are new hybrid products considered as skincare products in the form of compact foundation. They come in a surprising shape: rechargeable air tight cases containing an aerated foam sponge soaked in a fluid texture to pick with a latex sponge. Their formulas in addition to being extremely light are enriched with moisturising, whitening, anti-oxidants actives, protective sunscreens and also provide to the application a long lasting feeling of freshness called the “cool down” feeling.

– Concerning skin tone we could also mention the craze for vibrating applications, again from Korea. They offer a dual advantage, namely a perfectly homogeneous product application by tapping (like a professional make-up gesture), and a stimulation of collagen production in the skin.

– Lipstick meanwhile offers new opportunities thanks to the Liquid Rouge from Japan or the craze for coloured balms in China. The Liquid Rouge seems to have taken more than 25% of market shares to lipstick in Japan. It is a very skincare-based formula with a very fine and fluid texture, with a natural make-up result which is applied with an always very sophisticated sponge tip. Its looks like a traditional lipstick, but its formula is liquid, in a vial, creating sort of a surprise. It really enables to smooth the lips, give them a plumped up effect without having the density of both the texture and tone of a traditional lipstick. It is a truly innovative product which will undoubtedly reach our markets… at the speed of the BB cream, in other words in a few years time!

– Finally Blush, a long time ignored product in Asia has become a particularly flourishing product today thanks to the new healthy look trend. There too the ingenuity of packagings associated with the sensoriality of formulas makes it now a major player in make-up: foam textures, loose powders, cream in tubes… flocked applicators with a buffering effect on the cheeks, or a “small roller” to glide over the skin… its multiple facets make it attractive, fun to use and always newer.

Yes innovation comes from Asia, yes inspiration comes from the East! Not only because traditions and beauty rituals have managed to maintain increasingly refined and sophisticated expectations in terms of make-up finish, hold, or colour, but also because today brands are seeking to attract new customers in this area like Chinese women still not too accustomed to using make-up, or to always create new desires for those who must never get bored.

Innovation, experimentations, creation It is from Asia that are emerging the most novelties today. Keep your mind and your eyes open!