Beauteam settles its “MakeUp In” concept on four continents and launches “MakeUp in Action”

MakeUp in Paris celebrated its fifth anniversary, MakeUp in New York, in two weeks, will enter in its fourth year, MakeUp in Seoul is preparing its second edition on 15 and 16 April 2015 and MakeUp in Sao Paulo will open its doors on 3 and 4 December next. Undoubtedly, the formula is attracting growing interest from the industry! Overview with Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, the show organizers.

MakeUp in: You achieved a remarkable performance in just five years!

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: Nothing can be taken for granted! However, we demonstrated that there is room for a professional event dedicated to the make-up segment. A concept of its own where quality was one of the main founding criteria: quality of exhibitors, quality of visitors, quality of the organization, of conferences, of animations.

Contrary to the natural tendency of some show organizers, we don’t intend to “grow for the sake of growing” and especially not to disperse ourselves too thin. This strategy “of being global and of encompassing everything” only benefits the income of organizers and certainly not that of exhibitors who placed their trust in a concept, and deserve to be supported on the long-term in their markets conquest.

MakeUp in: Can we speak of a selective event concerning MakeUp in Paris, New York, Seoul and soon, Sao Paulo?

Sandra Maguarian: I prefer calling it “exclusivity”. Visitors and exhibitors are the ones who tell us so every year: “Don’t increase in size!” They are right. This is what makes and will continue to make all the attractiveness of our events. And we have already indicated that we would limit next year the accessibility to our four MakeUp In events, whether in Paris, New York, Seoul or Sao Paulo.

MakeUp in: Why not diversify the show, like others do?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: I am convinced that it would be a strategic error!

Our unique positioning – the exclusive gathering of suppliers of makeup packaging, applicators and formulas – allows us to attract an overwhelming majority (65%) of visitors coming from brands’ marketing teams. This is what makes the originality and value of exhibiting at the “MakeUp In” shows. In the field of make-up, which is in itself very close to that of fashion, what matters are the marketing teams, because they reflect on the product and design it, for the year to come or even the year after. It is a wining strategy on the mature and innovation driven markets where we are settled. In particular because it puts packaging and applicators and brushes under the spotlights. The R&D and purchasing departments of beauty brands therefore enjoy a unique opportunity to have a 360° view on the whole chain of suppliers in the makeup industry.

As a rule, we will refuse to set foot in a field that isn’t ours. It is always risky for organizers: “Grasp all, lose all.” There is a risk of losing your soul by tackling too many goals at the same time.

MakeUp in: Why is your concept so different than others?

Sandra Maguarian: The assets of the “MakeUp In” concept, that can be summarized in a few words: “Targeted, Close to customers, Efficient, an Optimum Cost/Contact, Service”. This notion of “service” has also become fundamental. Exhibitors when they pay for their stand, are expecting more than just a booth space. They want a “comprehensive service”, with the assurance of being well treated with all due respect. A “comprehensive service” which includes their stand and a specific environment, as well as meals, conferences, animations. Everything is important. The end with “Take your stand and please don’t comment on it!”

MakeUp in: You’re also launching “MakeUp In Action”.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: We have been working on it for several months. The idea is quite simple. Our four events in Paris, New York, Seoul and Sao Paulo are and must stay dedicated to one continent. However, there are sometimes, in some of these continents, one or several areas where there are enough business opportunities for the make up industry and where it would be useful to organise business meetings. The first MakeUp in Action will be held at the beginning of 2015. Where? It will be a surprise…