In Shanghai, beauty dresses in red

Red is given the place of honour! We already knew Mao’s Red Book or the Red Bar, unavoidable in Shanghai… but in this case I’m referring to real “Red”: The Red of Lipstick, a symbol of Western Beauty, which has become more global?Already at Dior, the – magnificent – exhibition organized by the Dior House, Esprit Dior, at the MoCA (museum of contemporary art), gives pride of place to the creator’s palette since the beginning, explaining that Red is the “Colour of Life”… a message directly relayed by Nathalie Portman with the Dior visual written in red. Quite a pedagogy for the red colour, an auspicious colour in China, and the colour of communism since 1949…

While Lancôme invites “netizens” (estimated at over 600 million in China in 2013) to experiment the brand with a story “Rouge in Love”

And reds, from one stand to another, become in turn, Lip maestro at Armani, revolutionary with YSL, a great classic at Chanel or simply the myth of the beautiful blonde with the luscious lips of Kate Moss at Rimmel.

…Interestingly, unlike Complexion where international brands choose Asian muses, “Caucasian” models are the ones that lend their lips to the almost “institutional” lipsticks of brands.

But Asian brands are not outdone, Except Clé de Peau – Shiseido’s premium brand – that always relies on the same European muse, the Shiseido brand presented a “Laque de rouge” (a nod to the Japanese culture) on perfectly defined lips by their make-up artist Dick Page, while “La Neige” (a Korean Brand) boasts about its “silk intense Lipstick” – with a slightly little less sparkling red.”

Finally, when Beauty dresses in red in China, it can also be very spectacular, like this story from in a Chinese Beauty magazine, and if that was “red” Beauty?